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Prague FoodIE Tour

Is our flagship Prague Foodie Tour about food? Yes. Of course. But we also want to tell the stories behind it. Stories about our childhood, our lives in our country, our customs, our present and our past. We want to explain the Czechs to you. 


Traditional Czech Food Tour

A fun yet informative and delicious tour of the tastiest traditional Czech food and drinks. Basically an extended visit to the Czech grandma you'll wish you'd had by the end of the tour. (And no. You can't borrow ours.)



A curated collection of our tips for the best restaurants in Prague, along with Prague's best coffee shops, bars, pubs and design shops. Don’t waste time in Prague on mediocre experiences. Skip the forgettable and just have the really good stuff. 

Prague RENTAL Apartment

Our Prague rental apartment is not just a place to sleep and store your luggage. You can relax, stay in late or come in early, and soak in the atmosphere Prague and the cool, artsy Letna district. The only downside? Leaving the apartment is harder than you think. 

Taste of Prague Food Tours Philosophy


We love to keep it real when we travel. And sitting down for a meal with the locals connects you to a place like nothing else. That's why we started the very first Prague food tours in 2011. To show our fellow travellers why we love our city, its food and its people so much.

We will help you get a better appreciation for Prague and its people, and taste some delicious Czech food in the process. Oh, and have we mentioned Czech beer yet? We know your stay in Prague is short. We will pull every string to make sure you enjoy every minute of it. And we will give you so much guidance and tips you'll wish you'd stayed for at least two more days. You should have.

Join us in Prague. Join us in Moravia. Let's keep it real together.


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