We like to do it on our own, though. Seeing all the sights is not a priority. Instead, we love to connect to the local communities and learn about their lives. We like to avoid the crowds. We love Prague and are sad when other travelers end up in the wrong restaurant or fall victim to shady backhand deals. That is why we have created Taste of Prague. 

Just like "slow food", we love "slow travel". We don't like to rush from one sight to another. We love to slow down. Relax. Take a deep breath. Start seeing the life of the city around us. Meet a well-informed local to guide you through the places that the residents really love and cherish. Have an eye-opening conversation over some great food, or at locations we would not have otherwise found. Get insider information that will allow us to follow our interests and passions later on. Enjoy the day as a local.

That's what we strive to provide.

Small groups.

We don't like crowds. That is why we limit the size of our groups to six. This way, we can guarantee every voice will be heard, and every question will be answered. 

Guests are people, too. 

Forget about guides and clients. Why so serious? We don't see ourselves as "guides" but as local friends who will show you the places we love, the food we love to eat, and the things we love to do. 

Thank you for asking. 

We're not live audio guides. We want you to ask, too. We love to meet travelers and share what we love about Prague. Wandering what Czech pop music is like? What health insurance pay? How we feel about our neighbors or the EU? Just ask!  

Rock solid. 

There's a system behind the madness. We come from a legal background, which means we are "service-oriented", to put it lightly. Everything must be perfect. We treat your own vacation as if it was our own.  

Sights, differently. 

Did you know the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Square puts a small show every hour? Of course you did. It's in every guide book. We think of ourselves as a supplement to your guide book. We want to show you things you will not find in them. Things that matter to us as locals and that may otherwise be hidden to short-term visitors.