We are Zuzi, Jan, Karolina, Anna, Markéta and Martin.

We all used to have corporate backgrounds. Layer, HR manager, psychotherapist (okay, not technically a corporate job), brand manager. Now we show foreign visitors through Prague and force them to overeat on delicious Czech food. (Confession: Anna was too busy cooking to have a corporate past. Good for her.)

We started Taste of Prague Food Tours in 2011. We wanted to chat with people from abroad, eat some food with them, and, with any luck, crash on their couch when we travel later. Taste of Prague has been a thinly veiled vehicle for that. 

We were all born in Prague. (Except for Zuzi. She’s from Moravia. Nobody’s perfect.) We love the city and we think it’s contagious. Our food tours are just the starting point of what we do: make sure you have a great time in Prague. Our two goals for your Prague stay? (1) You leave loving it. (2) You leave two pounds heavier. At least. And that's a promise.   

What do they say about us:

Zuzi from Taste of Prague


"Capo di tutti capi.” "Da boss.” „El pimpo.“ Quitting her good lawyer's position in big law to pursue her passion, Zuzi has been running a tight ship ever since. Because she cares. If you’re a friend - or a guest - she will do whatever it takes to make you happy. Because your vacation is her vacation.


Although in possession of a discerning palate, Jan shows the will-power of a 4-year-old when it comes to junk food. Nutella, French fries, burgers and pizza, you name it, he’ll eat it. He loves the stuff and isn't afraid to overshare his dirty secrets. A nerd at heart with an inclination for dad jokes. His biggest life achievements? He was an extra in Barbara Streisand’s Yentl (true) and went to high school with Beyonce (true too).

Jan from Taste of Prague

Anna from Taste of Prague


Have a food question? Just ask Anna, a.k.a. the Food Pioneer. How many inches wide should be the fat layer on a 10-month old Prestice pig? Anna knows. And she loves people who love food. As a food entrepreneur, you'll see Anna on Prague's farmers markets chatting with farmers and other vendors, laughing and creating new bonds. And that's what we love about Anna: she has a gift of connecting people through the food.


We are yet to meet a person who wouldn’t want to have a drink with Karolina ten minutes after meeting her. Yet she is organised and reliable. More than we are. We guess that’s what being a mom of two super cute kiddos does to you. She’s also an unlimited source of incredibly funny stories and an open book who just loves people. Need a recharge? Just give Karolina some enthusiasm and affection, and you’ll get it back tenfold. 

Karolina from Taste of Prague

Martin from Taste of Prague


If you want to be friends with Martin, just say "hello". There. You’re friends now. It's that easy. He’s just a big guy with an even bigger heart, and a very interesting back story: how on earth does a psychotherapist with an Austrian passport born in the Czech Republic become a butcher in Prague? Who knows. Well, actually, he does. And he’ll tell you. Other things he'll tell you: where to get the best Pho or the juiciest carnitas in town. Martin just loves food and people, and food and people love him back.


The latest addition to the Taste of Prague, she has quickly become its MVP: supper funny, incredibly organized and eager to please, her game does not have any weaknesses that we know of. Consider yourself lucky if you end up in her tour and get ready to treat yo'self, because Markéta definitely will treat you to hours of fun and incredibly candid and funny stories from her daily life. 



In an ideal world, Hana would have been the first team mate we would have hired. We did talk about her joining us waaaay back when Taste of Prague was just Zuzi and Jan. So we are happy that years later, we can welcome her to the team! Hana is a recovering lawyer but so much more than that: she is incredibly well-travelled and loves everything food, design and the outdoors. But most importantly, she has incredible empathy and a genuine interest in everybody who happens to speak to her. You know those people who just feel great to be around? Yup, that’s Hana.