We are Zuzi, Jan, Karolina, Anna and Martin. Prague locals and friends who share a passion for food and travel. Honestly, whenever we meet, food takes the centre stage of all our discussions and never leaves. We love food: eating it, discovering it, sharing it. 

We started Taste of Prague in 2011. Back then, great food in Prague and tourism in Prague did not really overlap: Prague was not known as a food destination and Prague visitors rarely ventured into the places local foodies loved. We wanted to change all that. 

We were also all born in Prague. (Except for Zuzi. She’s from Moravia. But hey, nobody’s perfect.) We love the city and we think it’s contagious. Our food tours are just the starting point of what we do: make sure you have a great time in Prague. Our two goals for your Prague stay? (1) You leave loving it. (2) You leave two pounds heavier. At least.   

We also have professional and corporate backgrounds that we have left to pursue our passion for food. Zuzi was a lawyer. Jan was a translator. Karolina was a brand manager. Martin was a therapist. Anna… well, she’s always been too passionate about food to even have a corporate past. Good for her.

And we have started Taste of Prague to share. Our passion for food. Our love for the city. And some vital information. Things like where you get the best coffee. Which joint sells the messiest burger. And what’s the best jogging route to run all that food off, if you must. (You don’t. Calories don’t count on vacations. It’s a fact.)