Private Food Tours in Prague


Our private tours are just as great as the Prague Foodie Tour, with the same traditional Czech food and the modern itinerations. But since they are private, we can tweak them to suit your specific needs. More focus on beer? You’ve got it. Need more wine in your tour? Not a problem. Want to walk less? Sure. A shorter tour? We get it. Just call or write what you’ve had in mind, and we will try our best.


Family trips

Big families on a trip can be a logistical nightmare. Just relax and breath out as we take you on a journey of great food without any of the stress that can be associated with catering for everyone’s taste. Leave that hassle to us. And if you’re here exploring your heritage, we will explain the food your grandma used to cook.

Corporate events

We will breathe life into your corporate event in Prague. There’s nothing that bonds a team like alcohol. (Unless it doesn’t.) Never underestimating the intelligence of our guests, we have hosted high-profile guests from big, international companies, and we dare say they have always left pleasantly surprised, happy and full. 

River cruise tours

Over the six years of Taste of Prague, we have gained quite a bit of experience with guests visiting Prague before or after river cruises. We can focus on the history behind the food - or just the food and Prague’s present life if you’ve had enough of the churches and castles already - while arranging a comfortable experience with a pace that suits your needs.

School trips

Although our standard tours are packed with interesting information, too, we can turn the educational to eleven and target the tour to any specific age group from first-graders to post-grad students. And we’ll always make sure the tour is first and foremost fun for everyone. Nobody remembers boring dates. Everybody remembers that fantastic donut you’ve had on vacation.

Interested? Or have a different idea? Please fill in the booking form or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.