Thank you! 

If you are reading this page, it means you have decided to book an experience with us. We really appreciate it. It is clear you like to travel in style and have a great taste.

We want you to enjoy your entire stay in Prague. That is why we have put together some bits and pieces of information that will help you with your Prague research and that will allow you to unleash the full potential of your stay and bring back truer, lasting memories home. 

Winter Special!
Any bookings between 10 January and the end of February go for a special rate of EUR 80 per night (instead of the usual EUR 100). Please enquire for more details. Thank you!

information to print out

We give the printout of these maps at the end of the tour but if you want to plan your Prague stay now or if you are meeting us later into your stay, these might be pretty handful.

  1. A map of restaurants, cafes and bars we like in the centre of Prague. These are all good. Please note that our Food and Culture Tours tend to visit Cafe Savoy, Nase Maso, Sisters, and then Cestr, Lokal or Sansho and Vinograf. That said, our itineraries may and do vary and we will not visit all of these places.
  2. A map of sights and shops we like in the centre of Prague. We hate the souvenir shops in the exposed areas selling cheesy tchotchkes that tell you absolutely nothing about the Czechs. These shops are set up by local designers we like who charge no "tourist premium" and who are loved by the locals.
  3. Walks to the castle. We call this map "how to get to the Prague castle without all the other people who try to get to the Prague castle". This route - our favorite - totally bypasses the tourism industry and leads you to areas locals like us like.
  4. The Vysehrad fortress and the perfect Saturday. It's preferred for Saturday because there is a very popular farmers' market on the way that is only open on Saturday. But it's good for any other day, too, really. 


  1. Some general tips before you arrive in Prague. These explain how the Prague transit system works, what currency we use, where to exchange money and what to avoid in Prague. You can download a pdf version of our general tips, print them and read them in the airplane or train to Prague. 
  2. Restaurants, cafes and bars we recommend. Our comprehensive guide to eating out in Prague.
  3. Tips for shorter visits. If you have reserved just a shorter period of time for Prague, these tips are the must-sees and must-eats for a shorter visit. But you should come back to see the rest, too!
  4. Cool shopping opportunities in Prague. Our good friends at the Kurator shop compiled a list of their favorite shopping addresses in Prague and galleries they like. It's basically a Prague shopping guide for women, for men, for jewelry and happy treasures, for children and toys, for stationery, flowers and antiques, for ecological, ethical, organic and fair-trade gifts, and their favorite galleries. These are not souvenir shops, just shops of Czech designers they love and regularly visit. You will see that Prague is flooded by cheap, tacky souvenirs of inferior quality. That is why we recommend these shops as an alternative.
  5. The best cafes in Prague. If you are a coffee nerd, if you know what a Chemex or a Hario V60 is... short, if you are like us, you will be happy in these places.
  6. The best breakfasts in Prague. For the best place to start your day in Prague, make sure you check out these places.

For more useful information about Prague, please visit our blog. We preview recently opened restaurants, write about events and give out other tips and advice. If you like your information shorter, you can follow our Facebook profile, our Instagram feed or our Twitter account.

Also, if you travel to other cities in Europe, we have some tips for those, too! Up until now, we have written about Vienna, Budapest and Paris, but the list will grow.


Where do we meet?

Normally we meet in front of the Crucifix by the side of the St Hastal Church opposite the Maximilan Hotel at Hastalska street 14 in the Old Town.

For more details on and directions to the new meeting point, please follow this link. Also, if you use the Foursquare app on your smartphone, it will navigate you to the meeting point if you search “Taste of Prague Hastal”.

When do we meet?

You will find the starting time of the tour in our email communication. We will also send you a reminder one day before the tour. Please check your email for the exact times.

What happens if I am lost or if I am running late?

If you are lost or run late, please call us. We will navigate you to the meeting point or to the first stop on the way so that you can join the group later. That said, please note that we run non-private tours; therefore, we cannot wait for longer than 15 minutes. (We visit popular spots and our reservation times may expire.)

See you soon!

Thank you again for choosing us and we look forward to meeting you in Prague! Of course, if you need anything, just let us know!

All the best,

Zuzi and Jan