You look like a smart and sensible person. As Woody Allen wrote, eighty percent of success is showing up, so hey, good for you!

Now, why did we bring you here? We want to know more a bit more about you. And to make it a bit easier for us, we've created this simple form, so please fill it in and send it over! There are no right or wrong answers. (Kinda not true.) We just want to know something about you. Short is fine. 

Thank you very much! We can't wait to read what you come up with. We promise we will respond in due time. Thank you!  

Zuzi, Jan, Anna, Karolina and Martin

Just two side notes before you start filling the form:

1. Please note that we need native Czech speakers. Our tours require quite a bit of dealing with the staff in restaurants, bistros and so on, and Czech is vital.

2. We love the energy, the freedom and the enthusiasm of students and the love for food they show with everything they do. That said, we are truly looking for someone full time. We do need commitment for at least four tours a week, and weekend work. We are sorry but we hope you understand.

Thank you again!

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