Prague pocket wifi - internet connection in Prague

  • A working solution out of the box. Just turn it on, connect, type in the password, and you're ready to go.
  • Easy to carry around. Just drop the Prague pocked wifi in your bag. Search online maps, check emails or Skype home.
  • Multiple connections: the whole family can connect to the Prague pocket wifi at the same time.
  • Simple pricing: you just pay one fee at the beginning with no additional costs later on.

Access to mobile data abroad has changed the way we travel. But the roaming charges can be extortionate. International sim cards are expensive, too. Buying a local sim card is tricky: activating via phone? (Do you speak the language?) And your traveling partner is out of luck, anyway. The Prague Pocket Wifi is here to help.

We think it all can be easier. Inspired by our own travels, we have come up with the perfect solution: the Prague pocket wifi. A small device that includes a local data sim card and creates a pretty powerful hotspot that can be used for up to 10 devices simultaneously. Yup, all your phones, tablets and laptops. Always on, always available. Just chuck it in your bag and carry it with you. The battery lasts all day.

How much is the Prague pocket wifi?

The price of the service is USD 6 per day. (Or USD 7 per day for groups of three. We kindly request groups of four and more to book two devices.) That includes everything: the delivery, the service and the device rental. We do not charge any deposit for the device. 

How does the Prague pocket wifi work?

  1. You reserve the Prague pocket wifi for your stay and pay the fee via PayPal.
  2. We bring it to your hotel before you arrive, and you collect it when you check in, in a small package that includes the device, the charger and a small manual. We will even throw in the written tips that we provide to the guests of our Prague food tours, so that you know where to go, eat and shop in Prague!
  3. You use it throughout your stay.
  4. When you check out, you leave the package at the reception again. We will take care of the rest. Easy.

What about the device?  

The Prague pocket wifi fits perfectly into a purse or a bag and can be carried around all day without being noticed. It has a large battery that allows for an entire days' use (about 16 hours of internet use), which is very important - you don't want to run around looking for a power socket in the middle of the day to recharge. Alternatively, it can be used to charge your phone if you are running low on juice. Just bring your phone's USB cable with you.

It can create a pretty powerful hotspot for up to 10 devices at the same time. We actually use it ourselves and connect to it with our laptops without major problems. The device is designed for lighter use like checking maps, emails, finding information and addresses. It also has data limits that you'll hardly reach with this kind of use (1GB per day). You might want to wait with the HD video streams or long VoIP calls for a strong wifi network, though.  

How do I order?

Just fill in the form below. We will contact you shortly and send you a PayPal invoice for the price of the service (calculated as USD 6 x the number of days of your stay in Prague). If you also want to book a tour or the apartment, please go to the Book Now page.

Name *
Real or fake, it's all good.
Your cell phone we can reach you on during your stay in Prague. Only if necessary, of course.
When will you arrive in Prague?
When will you arrive in Prague?
We need to know when we should bring the device to the reception of your hotel so that you can collect it when you check in.
When will you leave Prague?
When will you leave Prague?
So that we know when to pick up the device from the reception of your hotel after you check out.
The Prague hotel where we should drop the device at.
Do you want our super-cool printed Taste of Prague guide with that?
Our printed guide of the best places to eat, drink, shop and relax in Prague is available from October 2015. It will cost EUR 10, but is offered with the tours at a discounted price of EUR 7. We'll add it to the bill and we'll leave it in your hotel prior to your arrival, or we can ship it to you before.
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How do I pay?

We will send you a PayPal invoice for the full price of the service (number of days x CZK 150, which equals USD 6). You can pay it easily with your card. You will pay no additional charges. That’s it.

What are the terms of the service?

We keep it simple. You pay the price. We’ll rent you the device with internet connection in Prague and the Czech Republic. The volume of the data will be capped, but unless you want to download an entire series of the Game of Thrones in high definition, you are very unlikely to even come close to the limit. (1 GB per day.)

If you lose, seriously damage or destroy the device, you will pay the price of the device. (The current unit we use costs about USD 100.)

If the device does not work or cannot establish internet connection for whatever reason, we will replace the device as soon as possible and give you a proportional refund.

And that's it. Enjoy being online in Prague!