You look like a smart and sensible person. We like you already!

Now, why did we bring you here? We will not write about who we are or what we do, because it's all here on this website. We actually want to know a bit more about you. We are looking for someone who could help us do what we do: be a friendly Prague ambassador to intrigued visitors. Someone who would show our guests what we eat here in Prague and why. Someone who would help us with the projects we want to work on. Someone who is friendly and personable, who knows a thing or two about food and who is interested in current affairs and history. 

Sounds interesting? Please fill in the form below. There are no right or wrong answers. We just want to know something about you. Short is fine. And that is enough: we don't need motivational letters or CVs.

Thank you very much! We can't wait to read about you!

Zuzi and Jan

Name *
Please let us know why do you want to do what we do at the moment. About the liking part: We don't need to hear how great we are. We really want to know what aspect of what we do has caught your eye.
We know this is hard, but please stop at three.
The question is: are you approaching this as an short internship, or a long-term job? (We prefer the latter.)
How much would you like to get for a 4-hour event in which you would show a small group of people around town? (Excluding the tips.)
Com'on, we love to read these!