The Prague Foodie Map: Prague map for foodies

The best restaurants in Prague? The best Czech food? The best places to eat in Prague? Prague's best coffee shops, bars, pubs and design shops? You have questions. We have answers. In the format of a convenient Prague map.
Price: EUR 4.
Format: Digital or Print.

What is the Prague Foodie Map?

We all get far less vacation time than we really deserve. Why waste it on mediocre food? You’re on your Prague vacation, and you can do better. When we don’t run our Prague food tour, we love to travel ourselves, and our bellies and bank accounts know it’s only to eat. And we'd love to have a travel guide that is written by local foodies who know and love their food, whom you can rely on, and who will not only recommend the places to eat, but also suggest what to order, where to sit or what to look for. (Because God knows you should not trust TripAdvisor with food.) So we’ve made a Prague travel guide like that for our city. The essential food guide when you travel to Prague.

We wanted to create something simple and straightforward. You want to know research the best restaurants in Prague? We did the job for you. We included a fold-out Prague map, because we always get one for our destination to plan our days, create our routes and write notes in it. The main focus of the map is food. But you can’t eat all day, can you? That’s why God created shopping. So we threw in a few tips for local, independently owned shops in Prague that sell cool, local stuff we think would make a great souvenir from Prague. And to digest, we added a few tips on things to do in Prague in between your servings of traditional Czech food and more.

Simply, it’s our tips for the best places to eat, drink, shop and relax in Prague to enjoy the city to the fullest. The fullest stomach.


  • Prague travel guide with general Prague tips that cover tipping, tap water in Prague, dress code, public transport and more.
    • All the questions frequently asked by the guests of our Prague food tours answered on two pages.
  • Prague map with our tips for the best restaurants in Prague, along with Prague's best bistros, pubs, bars and cafes.
    • Each of the listed places to eat in Prague comes with our personal tip on what to order, where to sit, or what to beware of. 
  • Tips for local shops that sell Prague souvenirs you will want to keep for yourself.
    • A curated selection of the best independently owned, local shops that carefully avoids the usual suspects selling tchotchkes in the areas exposed to Prague tourism.
  • Interviews with four renowned local experts on Czech beer, Czech wine, Czech food and Prague coffee. (They happen to be friends and they owed us a favor.)
    • Spot-on tips by local experts. Your four personal expert guides in Prague.
  • Checklist of the 12 must-eats in Prague. Don’t leave the city without tasting them!
    • The key segment of the book: tips on what to eat in Prague that take you to the best restaurants in Prague if don't have much time in the city.
  • Tips for local cool spots in Prague under the radar.
    • Places that are unique to Prague and representative of its character. The perfect ideas for the best things to do in Prague.
  • Explanation of the residential districts of Prague.
    • A segment that allows you to venture outside of the city center without worries about where to eat or stop for coffee.
  • Beautiful photos of Prague, simply because it’s nice to look at nice things.
  • Our suggested route through the city if you only have 24 hours in Prague.  
    • Includes places to eat, shop and drink if you're in real hurry.
  • And more.
Prague foodie map

How can you buy THE PRAGUE FOODIE MAP?

The Prague Foodie Map comes in two flavors: digital and printed.

Buying the pdf version

You can buy the pdf version of our Prague Foodie Map by clicking the "I Want It Now" button below. The Prague Foodie Map costs EUR 4. Once you pay, you will receive an email with the private download link for the booklet and a link to a Google Map with all the spots included. The map is designed to be used both on laptops and mobile devices (please download on desktop/laptop, then transfer to mobile).

Buying the printed version

You can also buy the printed version of the Prague Foodie Map in selected stores in Prague. You can purchase the Prague guide in the these places:

UPDATE! Please note that we have run out of the first prints. We are working hard to bring you an updated version. We will let you know when it's ready. As far as we know, the last pieces can be had in Kavarna Misto, Tea Mountain and Muj salek kavy. In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy the online version. Thank you!

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