Travel smart. Go beyond the sights. Experience the local.


Of course you came to Prague to see the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. We totally understand. But we want to give you an alternative: see the city from the local’s perspective. Explore Prague more in depth. Get a better understanding of the people. In our eyes, our experiences are so much more than just “Prague food tours”. We want to explain the Czechs: who we are, where we are coming from, and where we are heading.


Our experiences:

Prague Food and Culture Tour

A nice walk with friends over some great food.

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Prague Foodie Tour

A journey to discover the best food in Prague. 

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Private Moravian Wine Tour

An opportunity to discover the genuine side of the beautiful Moravian wine country.

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Our Prague Apartment

The comfort of a hotel but with a much closer connection to the local side of Prague. 

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Our experiences in a nutshell:

Small groups

We don't like crowds. And we're sorry, but ten is not a "small group". We limit the size of our groups to six (bigger families or groups of friends are welcome, too, of course).

Please ask!

We're not live audio guides. We want you to ask, too. We love to meet travelers and share what we love about Prague. Wandering what Czech pop music is like? What health insurance we pay? How we feel about the EU? Just ask! 

Guests are people, too. 

Forget about guides and clients. Why so serious? We don't see ourselves as "guides" but as local friends who will show you the food we love in the places we love.

Sights, differently.

We don't repeat things that are in every guide book: we are a supplement to them, showing you things that your guide book missed. Things that matter to us as locals and that may otherwise be hidden to short-term visitors.