Have a glass of great wine served by the local winemakers. Far from the madding crowds of the big city. Just slow down, relax, and have some fun!


The Essentials

Price: about CZK 15,000 (EUR 600), all-inclusive (transport, accommodation, plenty of wine and food) 
Duration: 1 or 2 days
Wines tasted: you don’t want to know

Planning to spend your entire Czech vacation stay in cities? Wrong. Take a break and spend a day with us in the countryside. The cities are pretty much the same. The country is where the differences show. Zuzi was born there. We know the place by heart, and we can explain the things you’ll see. Things you would not see otherwise.

The ancient tradition of Moravian winemaking was damaged under Communism. Now it is being resurrected by passionate local winemakers. The wineries are small: you don’t meet a salesperson that pours you a flight only to sell you a wine club membership. You meet the winemaker himself. The wife cooks for you. The children come, too. Yup, you get to meet real people in Moravia.

And Czech wines? Better than you might think. Mostly fresh, crisp whites, along with some some deep, oaky ones, and lighter, fruity reds on top. We visit winemakers we love for their wines and personalities. One word to summarize the day in the wine country? “Fun”! Just imagine a field trip. But with great wine, good food and interesting locals. We told you. Fun!


  • Transport there and back. In a private van. We can drop you off in Vienna.
  • Visit to at least three great wineries. Tasting of up to 20 samples in total. And food. Lots of it.
  • Some sights along the way. You can’t just drink all day, right? What? You can? Shame on you!
  • Our Prague Foodie Map in pdf format once you make a booking, so that you can plan your Prague stay ahead.
  • Summary email: everything we tasted, the route we covered, things we talked about, and other future travel tips.


  • We need to know about your food allergies or dietary restrictions. Really, we do.
  • This is a wine tour. Alcohol will be served. Please ask for non-alcoholic options.
  • We will be spending time outside. Please dress accordingly. Good shoes. An extra layer just in case. You get the drift.


How much wine will we taste?

That is really up to you. The Moravian wine tour is designed as a private tour, so we will adjust the itinerary to your taste. From sommeliers to casual wine drinkers who want to focus more on the Moravian countryside, we can tailor the experience to what you want to see and experience.

Will some sights be included?

Again, we will be happy to include some culture, history and sights into the itinerary, especially given that only a few can drink wine all day without consequences. Let us know what’s your idea when you enquire for the wine tour. We will suggest an itinerary, and start from there. We will not force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Do we have to return to Prague, or can you take me to Vienna instead?

Of course, we can take you to Vienna, Brno or Bratislava if you want us to. Just let us know. Please note that some additional charges may apply if you order a transfer to Vienna or Bratislava.

One day, or two days?

We can definitely visit Moravia and come back in a day. Just please note that we will spend almost six hours on the highway getting there and back. That is why we recommend a sleepover in one of the local wineries, followed by a nice breakfast and perhaps a visit to some historical landmark before we taste some more wines. We can accommodate almost any itinerary and schedule.

For general questions, please see our full FAQs.