Eight foodies and one local guide discover the delicious Czech food that shakes the Prague food scene and the mission of the people behind it. Now get a glimpse of the tour on video!

Prague is now undergoing a culinary revolution and you now witness it from the front row. We keep an eye on the best restaurants in Prague and take you there. We want to explain what Czech food is, what it means to us, how it reflects the recent changes and what is the inspiration and goals of the local Czech chefs who create it. 

We limit the size of our groups to eight to keep the Prague Foodie Tour nice and personal. We would not do it any other way - a small group makes all the difference compared to the more conventional tours. In a small group, you can get behind closed doors and move closer to the actual chefs behind the food. 

And Czech food is what this tour is all about: we have carefully picked Prague restaurants and Czech dishes we see as the best in class here in Prague. We have talked to the owners and chefs of Prague restaurants and selected their best dishes. We will take you to the kitchen, taste the food in one of the best regarded, award-winning restaurants in town, taste proper Czech beer in one of the most popular Prague pubs, and visit other venues that are the talk of the town!

Of course, we will give you the general and customized Prague tips that come with all our Prague tours. We don’t want you to enjoy just the Prague Foodie Tour, but your entire stay in Prague.


  • A guided foodie tour in a small group of no more than 9 guests!
  • Multiple tastings of Czech food that we love and that highlight the current culinary trends in Prague.
  • Tastings of various Czech drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic (non-alcoholic options available).
  • Written insider tips on the best restaurants in Prague, Prague coffee shops and bars locals like us like to visit.
  • Written insider tips on cool Prague souvenirs. 
  • Ideas on what to do in Prague with maps highlighting sights, culinary treats, design shops and other tips along the way.
  • Summary email with everything we tasted and the route we covered, plus things we talked about in the course of the tour.


  • Group size: only 9 guests! We like to keep our Prague tours really nice and personal. With nine guests on the Prague foodie tour, you can get closer to the people who make the food and get behind otherwise closed doors. If you have a larger group, please drop us an email.
    • We'll be happy to take couples and single travelers on the tour, just please be informed that other guests will join the tour, too.
    • We also run private foodie tours for smaller groups. Please enquire for more details about our private foodie tours.
  • Duration: about 4 hours. 
  • Price: CZK 2700 (approx. EUR 96) per person. That’s an all-inclusive price (includes all food, drinks, tips in eateries, maps, etc.). You just sit back and relax, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Some reminders...

  • Food allergies: Please note that this experience is not suitable for guests with severe food allergies, other dietary restrictions or strong dislikes. If you have any strong allergy, preference or dislike, please have a look at our Prague Food Tour. We can accommodate those there. We are sorry and we hope you understand.
  • Alcohol is normally served during this walk in tasting portions. Please enquire for non-alcoholic options.
  • The “Prague Foodie Tour” is all about the food but we still have to walk from place to place. The walk will be held rain or shine, unless notified otherwise in advance. Please wear comfortable shoes, and perhaps an extra layer. Dress code is casual. Don't worry about it; you're on vacation.


What is the difference between the Prague Foodie Tour and the Prague Food Tour?

We believe both tours are interchangeable - to some degree. We visit great food places in both tours, just the paths are different. The Foodie Tour focuses more on the current culinary scene in Prague and the present life in Prague. We may taste a bit unusual foods - cracklings, lard, etc., and we will follow an off-the-beaten-path. The Food and Culture Tour is a crash course to the local life in Prague: we talk about the development of our country in last 100 years (we talk about the occupation, Communism, revolution - all the things that influenced who we are and what we eat today) and we'll have updated traditional Czech fare.

How much food will be served?

We believe the dishes served make for a full meal, and most of our guests say they’re full at the end of the walk, often canceling their dinner reservations. We Czechs like big portions. That said, we believe the quantity of the food served is not the only, or even the primary metric of a food tour, and we will always give preference to quality over quantity, and our primary goal is to show you what’s good here.

I am a vegetarian/vegan/lactose intolerant/celiac. Is the walk for me?

Unfortunately, we are afraid vegetarians, vegans, celiacs and people intolerant to butter will not get a great value from this tour. Some of the venues we visit just prepare what they think is great that day (we wanted them to shine on our tour) so we have little or no control over what will be served. We do write this now to avoid any disappointments later. We think that when it comes to food allergies and dietary restrictions, honesty is the best policy. We advise vegetarians, celiacs and people intolerant to butter to have a look at our Prague Food and Culture Tour. We can accommodate you there.

I do not drink alcohol. Is that a problem? Can I get a discount?

We provide non-alcoholic options wherever we go. Sadly, we do not provide discounts for non-alcoholic options. With beer being cheaper than water in many restaurants, the cost of non-alcoholic options is actually higher than that of alcohol. We hope you understand.

For general questions, please see our full FAQs.

Sounds great! How do I book? 

To send us an inquiry, please fill in our contact form, or send us an email! We will get back to you shortly. Thank you!