Taste of Prague Food Tours - Prague food tours with a difference

Our tours are like a nice walk with local friends over some great local food. And a great reason for us to leave the house with our crying toddlers behind. Honestly, book the tour, will ya? We need to get out and have meaningful conversations with adults for a change!

Prague FoodIE Tour

The original Prague food tour since 2011. We take you to places you wouldn’t find. We serve you delicious local food you wouldn’t order on your own. And we tell you things you wouldn't google. A real experience with real food and real people. For real. 

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Everything you wanted to ask about Prague but were too afraid to ask. The best eating, drinking, seeing and shopping in Prague. A great book to have if you want to miss out on the opportunity to spend four hours with us. It's okay, we won't take it personally. Maybe. 

Traditional Czech Food Tour

Four hours of fun with the tastiest traditional Czech food and drinks. (And with a title that kills it for SEO. Winning!) Basically an extended visit to the Czech grandma you'll wish you'd had by the end of the tour. (And no. You can't borrow ours.)

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Prague Apartment

Our Prague apartment is not just a place to sleep and store your luggage. Modern interiors, great amenities, fun local neighborhood, 80 channels of real and fake news, and a great minibar to drink it all away. What more would you honestly want?  

We put the "tea" in "team". And by "tea", we mean "beer". 

Have a bigger private group of friends or colleagues? We’re all up for it. Need grub before an epic bachelor party? A bonding experience for colleagues? Or an informative event for study abroad students? Oh yeah, it’s all good. Just send us an email with your idea, budget and availability, and we’re set to go. Because nothing bonds a team together like incriminating pics of the tipsy boss. Trust us.


We could write here all about how we love food and travel, and how we are local foodies who will connect you to the local scene and immerse you in the culture. And that you'll see picturesque corners and enjoy splendid vistas. Which is all true, we guess.

But we don't like clichés, so we'll just write that we run our tours on one single principle: would WE like it? We will treat your rare vacation time as if it were ours. And we will feed you the best local food we know until you'll cry. Tears of joy. And fat.


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