Prague Foodie Map: Best Restaurants in Prague. And so much more.

Price: EUR 6 / Format: Digital or Print. / Why should you have it? Because we wrote it and everybody says it's awesome.

We all get far less vacation time than we really deserve. Why waste it on mediocre food? You deserve the best. The best restaurants in Prague. The best bars and coffee shops. The best things to do in Prague. And the best shopping. (You do need to make it rain here.)

When we don’t run our Taste of Prague food tours, we travel, and our bellies and bank accounts know it’s only to eat. And we'd love to have a travel guide that by local foodies who know and love their food.   

So we’ve made a Prague travel map like that for our city. What are the best restaurants in Prague? Where do the local foodies eat and drink? What do they order? Where do they sit? You have questions. We have the answers.

What's included in the Prague Foodie Map?

  • Our curated selection of Prague's best restaurants, coffee shops, bars, pubs, bistros and shops.

  • Vital info about Prague: Tipping, public transport, etiquette, and super nerdy statistics

  • Basic Czech glossary. You'll blend in no time. (Not guaranteed.)

  • Dirty secrets spilled by local experts on food, beer, wine, cocktails and shopping.

  • Checklist of Prague’s must-eats. Don't leave without tasting them!

  • Two maps of the town and its centre.

  • Checklist of the most authentic Czech bites in Prague. Hope you've brought your Lipitor pills.

  • Tips for cool local spots below the radar. Hang out at the cool table.

  • Eight neighborhood walks through local Prague districts, along with tips on where to eat and what to buy.

  • Interviews with locals in the know on jogging, clubbing, the LGBT scene in Prague, brutalism and much more.

  • Tips for other great tours and one-day trips outside of Prague.

  • And so much more!

How can you buy THE PRAGUE FOODIE MAP?

Buying the pdf version

You can buy the pdf version of our Prague Foodie Map by clicking the "I Want It Now" button below. The Prague Foodie Map costs EUR 6. The map is designed to be used both on laptops and mobile devices. It comes with a link to a customized Google map with all the pins, so that you can use it easily on your phone while walking the streets of Prague. (One tip: by default, the pdf is shipped to the email address linked to your PayPal account, if you have one. If you don't use that email anymore, please input a different address for delivery. Thank you!)

Buying the printed version

The printed version is available at selected shops, cafés, bars and eateries. It is printed on high quality paper in the Czech Republic and it retails for CZK 200. Walk into a restaurant in Prague with the guide in hand, and the staff will immediately see you know what’s up.