Who are we?

We are Zuzi and Jan. We love to travel. But we travel our own way. No sightseeing. No checking boxes. No long lines for the "must-dos". We try to avoid the crowds and instead roam the local districts. If we have to choose between beautiful (but touristy) and real, we always choose real. 

We also love food, obviously. Our first date? A long talk about food, of course. And we haven't stopped talking about food since. Zuzi comes from a family of great cooks. Jan comes from a family of great eaters. (He also stopped smoking when we met and realized he has a palate.) We also love food because eating out is a social event: food brings people together. 

Why did we start Taste of Prague?

We were tired of our corporate lives. Zuzi was a lawyer in a big law firm, always with a BlackBerry in her hand. (Remember those days?) Jan was a legal translator, staring at the computer screen 24/7. Sure, it paid the bills, but we wanted more. We started Taste of Prague based on our gut feeling: a refuge for travelers like us in a touristy city like Prague. We've never looked back.

What is our philosophy?

We created Taste of Prague for people who like to travel like us. "Would we like to retire here?" That is the question we ask wherever we travel. We look at the atmosphere of the place, how the locals live, what are their priorities, what food do they eat and so on. And we run Taste of Prague the same way: would you like to retire in Prague? What are the people like? What values they hold? What do they eat? We're going to help you find out. 

We're going to let you in on a secret: we don't particularly like organized tours. That is why our experiences don't feel like them. We have a few principles we never compromise on:

  • Small groups only. We're sorry, but groups of 20 are not small groups in our book. Nine people maximum, with a few exceptions for bigger families and groups of friends.
  • No backhand deals. We are proud to be independent. We will never take you to a place just because we get some perks for it. Although standard behavior in the tourist industry, we simply think it is wrong.
  • We take care of your entire stay. It does not end with our tours - it starts with them. We want you to enjoy your whole stay, not just our tour. That is why we provide maps and tips, create on-the-spot itineraries and answer questions later on throughout your entire stay. No guest left behind.
  • Honesty about recommendations. Remembering our corporate pasts, we know how precious vacation time can be. We treat your vacation as if it was our own. That is why we will never recommend a place if we don't like it, no matter how popular or hyped it may be.