Karolina's Five Favorites in Prague

When we told Michal, the sommelier at Cafe Savoy, that Karolina would we working with us, he had to have a seat. He knew her too well, having roamed the city with her, hopping from bar to bar. He said she was perfect for us. And he was right. Yes, Karolina likes to party and we are yet to meet a person who wouldn’t want to have a drink with her, having known her for at least ten minutes. Yet she is organised and reliable. More than we are. We guess that’s what being a mom of a super cute toddler does to you.

What Jan admires about Karolina is her system of “cheat days”. While Jan just goes on a eating rampage with the will power of a three-year-old in an empty candy story without adult supervision, Karolina stays calm, breaths in, breaths out and let’s the opportunity go, instead waiting for one of her cheat days when the limits are off. Eating out with her is fun: just like Zuzi, preparation seems to be a big part of Karolina’s eating out experience. She just has a plan when she walks into a restaurant and sticks to it. And we like a woman with a plan.

Karolina’s also an unlimited source of incredibly funny stories and an open book who just loves people. Need a recharge? Just give Karolina some enthusiasm and affection, and you’ll get it back tenfold. And she’s our resident dim sum dumpling expert. A lover of Asian cuisine, she knows where to go and what to get. Just ask her. Trust us.    

Five Prague Favorites


Sansho is definitely one of my faves. I am big on Asian fusion cuisine. What does it for me is the combination of great food, a homey atmosphere, the variety, and their philosophy. I mean, did you try their Hoisin Pork Belly or Soft shell crab sliders? I think I don’t need to explain myself any further. (Drops the mike.)

Sansho pork belly


Sasazu. Yep. Again. Asian Fusion. I did’t lie. I just love it. I have favourite dishes in SaSaZu that I keep coming back for. I love the interiors and the atmosphere of this place. Not all the dishes on the menu are worth the money in my opinion, but if you know what to order, it is well worth it.


Café Savoy

Café Savoy is where I love to have a late Saturday breakfast with my friends. Eggs any style, followed by a croissant or French toast, along with a Mimosa or two. Can there be a better start to the day? After we’re done, we usually go for a walk through the Kampa park, over the Charles Bridge and into the city, where we get hungry again and seek some lunch.. .)

Cafe Savoy Prague


This wine bar just has that Genius Loci. You can feel it the moment you walk in. The vibe will instantly make you feel at ease and thirsty for some great wine. White or red, local or foreign, bubbles or flat - whatever your “poison” is, they will have it. And the cheeses to go with the wine! Don’t even get me started on those... :)

Bokovka wine bar Prague

Náplavka Farmers markets

Another Saturday delight. What pulls me out of bed is the vision of combination curd cheese/plum jam kolachky with a dose of caffeine from mamacoffee. The best kolache and frgaly are from Fimako on Naplavka in my opinion. After I’ve had my sweet fix for breakfast, I go on to buy some veggies and meat for my weekend cooking.

Naplavka farmers market Prague

Five favorite Instagram accounts

Taste of Prague

The Instagram of Taste of Prague. This might seem like sucking up to the bosses (Jan’s note: It totally does. And lose the “bosses” part, too) but the truth is that I was following their accounts before we ever met, otherwise they wouldn’t be my bosses today.. .) They just do the best job here and keep discovering new places and inspiring me to visit those as well. Their pics on Instagram are feast for the eyes and when it comes down to Instagram stories, I just can’t wait for the daily does of “So Zuzi, how many stars”? .))


I have been following Markéta Pavleje for a couple of years now. I don’t even remember how I came across her web initially, but I liked it instantly. The web page is very sophisticated with great and healthy recipes, beautiful pictures of food, and some travel stories. Following her account on Instagram was a must for me and I still love to look at the food and even some moments from her personal life, those are a nice touch that add a familiar feeling for me.


I also love _foodstories_ on Instagram. Two Berlin-based girls - a food stylist and a photographer. Their pictures have a certain calming vibe for me. They are always in great composition thanks to the food styling skills of and amazing light and overall feeling. Just like to look at those.


Another soft spot for me is bakingamoment account on Instagram. Allie is a Philadelphia based food blogger, who loves baking and does a marvelous job too in my opinion. I came across her web thanks to my newly found passion for the Kitchenaid appliances - bakingamoment.com was listed on their official web as one of the blogs “they crave”. I absolutely get why. When I look at her instagram pics my mouth just won’t stop watering.. For those that have a sweet tooth like me, you will also love it


This one is not related to food, but I just love what Zach does. I can go on and on and on watching his videos. Cool stuff! Nuff’ said.. :)

Secret tip in Prague

I have two tips. One would be to make the most out of the Saturday farmers market on Naplavka by getting up early and being there right after 8AM when the markets start. You will avoid the crowds and queues and it will be a whole other experience than mid morning, when it gets super crowded.

And another tip would be to visit Bio Oko in the Letna district. This 1940s cinema has been reinvented in 2009 and turned into a really cool hip venue with very unconventional seating. You can watch a movie from a bean bag, a beach chair or a Cadillac that is parked inside of the theatre. Check it out! It’s fun and you can have drinks at the cinema bar before, during and after the movie screening, too. ;-)

Bio Oko Prague