Anna's Five Favourites in Prague

Anna of Taste of Prague

If there is a true food nerd in the Taste of Prague team, it must be Anna, a.k.a. the Food Pioneer. I mean, how many inches wide should be the fat layer on a 10-month old Prestice pig? Yeah, we have no idea. Let’s ask Anna! She’ll know! And you know what? She will. And her stories all involve food, foraging, working at the butcher shop, or something along those lines. Many people think that we all eat too much food. Anna doesn’t just eat it. She lives food. 

And she puts all her nerdy food wisdom into practice. As a graduate of the Agricultural University, she has now turned her thesis paper into a popular elderflower soda called Divozenka, available in selected shops and cafes in Prague. You should check it out. And Silak, her beef and chicken broths, have been staples at Prague’s farmers markets, which are the places she loves the most we think. 

We met her once at the Dejvice market, the last one of the season. She said she’s closing early because she has to make the round and talk to all the other vendors to say bye and see what they’re up to. And that’s Anna. Connecting with other people through food. We like that.   

Five Prague Favorites 

Café Savoy

The best breakfast place in Prague. Without a doubt.

Café Savoy in Prague

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

If I were to choose my favourite among Prague’s Michelin-star restaurants, this would be my weapon of choice. 

La Degustation

V polích

A bit out of the way but if you’re a village restaurants lover, you should not miss this one. In terms of bed and breakfasts, this one is definitely my favourite. (Well, it’s next to an Angus farm, but that’s waaaay out.)

Nase Maso

Because I used to work with this amazing butchers gang. And I am a self-confessed lover of pork.

Nase maso Prague

Krystal bistro

I come to this Karlin district based restaurant for filled fruit dumplings and seasonal fare. 

Krystal bistro


April Bloomfield

This woman is the most inspiring chef I know. Not only for being great in what she does but also for her style and how humble she is. 100% respect to this girl.


I am not really gluten-free, but the pictures this lady creates take my breath away.


I simply give this man a lot of respect mostly for his insanely developed sences and ability to discover even the most minor tastes in a dish as well as for his good writing skills. true foodblogger pioneer on our small czech food scene

The Food tube

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube is full of great foodtubers, great quick formats and very ispiring people including mr. Jamie

Hannah Heart

Because she simply just cracks me up. Simple as that.

My secret tip in Prague

It would have to be the Holesovice district. Very different part of Prague, easily described as the future Williamsburg, Brooklyn of Prague. DOX and the Prazelenina community garden esepcially. Dox as the centre for contemporary art, and Prazelenina as a nearby community garden. And of course, Holesovice district is the birthplace of the Prague ham, and today houses the biggest indoor vegetable market. So if you decide to go there for shopping, ask us which vendors are worth a try!