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Of course you came to Prague to see the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. We totally understand. But we want to give you an alternative: see the city from the local’s perspective. Leave Prague tourism behind. It starts with delicious Czech food served in the best restaurants in Prague. But the food is just an angle that helps us explain Prague. In our eyes, our Prague tours are so much more than just a “Prague food tour”, and the Prague Foodie Map is more than just a "Prague map". We want to explain the Czechs: who we are, where we come from, and where we are heading. Join us and find out for yourself.


What do we offer?

Prague Food Tour

A guided tour of the best restaurants in Prague. Skip the tourist traps and follow dedicated Prague foodies to see where the locals love to eat and drink, what Prague’s best food tastes like, and what is the mission of the people behind it. Great food and lots of fun in a small group!

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Prague Foodie MAP

A curated collection of our tips for the best restaurants in Prague, along with Prague's best coffee shops, bars, pubs and design shops. Don’t waste time in Prague on mediocre experiences. Skip the forgettable and just have the really good stuff. Available for download now! 

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Moravian Wine Tour

A tour of the Moravian wine country in search for the most interesting and the best Moravian wines. Explore the terroir with the local Moravian winemakers. Far from the madding crowds of the big city. Just slow down, relax, and have some fun!

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Prague RENTAL Apartment

Our Prague rental apartment is not just a place to sleep and store your luggage. You can relax, stay in late or come in early, and soak in the atmosphere Prague and the cool, artsy Letna district. The only downside? Leaving the apartment is harder than you think. 

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How is it?


Our Prague Food Tours in a nutshell:

Small groups

We don’t like crowds. We want to blend in, and not own the place. And we're sorry, but twelve is not a "small group". The group size of our Prague food tours stops at seven to make sure we get to talk about the Czech food we’re eating and the people and stories behind it. (bigger families or groups of friends are welcome, too, of course).


Let's be honest: sightseeing in Prague can be tiresome, and people walk more than they thought they would. We want you to forget about tourism and sights in Prague for a bit and just spend four hours as a Prague local, eating great Czech food with other locals. Soak in the atmosphere, eat, observe and learn.


Many people think we have the best job in the world. True. But we put so much work and research behind our Prague food tours: we revisit the best restaurants in Prague in search of the best Czech food available, be it traditional Czech food or cutting edge modern creations. We eat through the bad food in Prague so that you don’t have to.


Sure, we'll be serving Czech food in the best restaurants in Prague, but what we do is so much than just a Prague food tour. The food is just the beginning and an angle: we want to explain the Czechs to you. Today, you can google nearly everything. We want to show you the things you cannot google.


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