Prague Foodie Map 3.0 - sneak peek



This time around, we have increased the number of recommended places to nearly 150. Especially the shops got a big boost.


Category overviews with people in the know.

More interviews and TIPS

Each member of Taste of Prague provides their tips on something they love and know: Anna writes about meat, Markéta about paper and stationery, Martin and Pilsner pubs, Karolina about kids playgrounds, Jan about his guiltiest pleasures, and Zuzi about things to buy. In addition to interviews about food and drinks, the PFM now adds interviews about Brutalism in Prague, clubbing, jogging, and the LGBT community.

More explorations into the neighborhoods

We have been getting great feedback on the walks we included in our previous versions, so we have expanded the whole but into eight neighborhood walks from Stresovice to Vrsovice and anything in between. Now if your feet don’t hurt when you leave Prague, our job was not well done.

And so much more…

We have two recipes from Prague. Six pages of cooperation with GoOut: the young guns give tips on live music, clubbing and galleries. Out favorite tours in Prague, fun activities and honestly so much more…