Meet a local: Chef Sahajdak of La Degustation

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise is the best restaurant in Prague in our book, and one of the only two Michelin-star awarded restaurants in the town (the other one being Alcron, which we have visited recently). It’s always a treat whenever we go there for a very, very special occasion. And it’s a shrine of Czech cuisine, so definitely worth a visit when in Prague.

Our dinner at Alcron

We love to travel. For food. Whenever we are, we try to splash out on a dinner in a Michelin-star restaurant and put it in our plans to get a glimpse at the fine dining scene of our destination. And because we write for people who are like us and who like similar things, we paid a visit to Alcron, one of the two restaurants with a Michelin star in Prague. We visited the other one, La Degustation, a few months ago. You can read about our visit here.

We must admit that Alcron had to put extra effort into winning us over. You see, we are a bit sceptical of hotel restaurants. They often feel less personal to us. Besides that, we do like the other Michelin-star restaurant in Prague, La Degustation, and knew that Alcron had a different focus and offered a different experience. That said, we were really eager to see what Alcron had to offer: it has always been synonymous with haute cuisine in Prague. Saying “tastes like something from Alcron” has always meant something special.

The only Czech Michelin-star restaurant to change its concept

[2014-3-23 update: This blog post was written in November 2011 and is now outdated. Allegro was replaced by CottoCrudo, which does not have a Michelin star. Prague at this moment (2014) has two Michelin-star restaurants: La Degustation and Alcron].

Allegro, the Italian dining hall at Prague's Four Seasons Hotel helmed by the Italian chef Andrea Accordi, was the first eatery in the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe to gain a Michelin star. In October, chef Accordi left Prague Four Season hotel’s Allegro restaurant and was replaced by the well-known Richard Fuchs, the first Czech to be the head chef at the hotel’s restaurant. It an interview, he proclaimed that together with his team, he would be introducing a new concept of the Allegro restaurant in February. To be honest, I cannot wait.We ate in Allegro only once. The interior of this restaurant was so over-the-top ornate and reminded us of some Palais. Although we generally liked the food (sorry about the pics, we forgot the camera at home), it wasn't flawless either. Overall, we were a bit disappointed: we didn't think it was worth the money. We expected a remarkable experience, but it just didn't happen. If this place had not been so highly rated and regarded, our experience might have been different, but back then we just thought there were many other more interesting places to eat in Prague?

However, we have learned that Allegro will be undergoing a process of modernisation from November 2011 to February 2012, to re-open as a stylish urban restaurant, lounge and bar that offers high-quality Italian cuisine based on traditional recipes with modern twists. During the works, go to La Finestra, or contact us for other recommendations. We hope the redone Allegro with the new concept will deliver a great dining experience and will uphold the famous French accolade.