Private Food Tours in Prague


Visiting Prague with a group of friends? (Yay!) A big family? (Oh boy.) Need to impress your demanding boss with a cool corporate outing? Have a special interest in wine? Beer? Something else? Our private tours of Prague will take care of that. Just sit back and relax. We’ll work it all out. You take all the credit. Fine with us.


Sure, our Prague Foodie Tour is a great introduction to the best the Prague food scene can offer and a crash course in all things Czech, but sometimes you need something more specific. Or you don’t want to deal with other people. Or just love beers or wine. Or you want to treat your loved ones to a special something. Or have fun with your colleagues from abroad. No matter what you fancy, we will do everything to make sure you leave Prague a bit heavier, smarter (or tipsier, up to you) and full of happy memories.


Price per guest:

Try us!


As long as you can.

Max group size:

The more the merrier.

Run at:

Any time you need.


With the private tours, anything’s negotiable. Just try us and we will do our best to accommodate your craziest needs.

What’s included?

Everything that goes in our Prague Foodie Tour, and as many extras as your budget can accommodate.

Some classic scenarios:


Want to enjoy a Prague food tour after or before a Danube river cruise? We know what you need. You need alcohol. No, really, we can create a custom tour of traditional Czech fare, perhaps less walking (no more churches, promise!) and lots of insightful information and fun. And alcohol.

Families in search of their heritage

We’ll set up a tour of classic Czech home-cooking dishes. How else can you benchmark what you’ve been served at home all these years? And we’ll explain all the crazy things your Czech grandma used to do. Or say.

Corporate events

Work hard, play hard, right? Whether you’re hosting your global team or planning a team building event, we will make sure your team unwinds and bonds after a busy day over the course of a progressive dinner tour. Great food and drinks, and an insight into the corporate life of the Czechs.

Families with kids

Hey, we’re parents, too, and we know that joining a regular tour with your pesky little ones can be a challenge. But we love kids, so we’ll be happy to set you up with a kid-friendly tour. Crayons for the kids, Slivovitz for the parents! You deserve it.


Okay, we’ll run a party for your group. You just have to promise to be on your best behavior, okay? No, really, we do not run pub crawls and don’t rent these awful beer bikes. But if you’re up for a cool and classy food tour before you get wild, we think we’ll have lots of fun together.


Okay, we have just made this one up because we though it’d do well for SEO. But really, why not? The sky is the limit with the private tours. Just let us know, and we’ll be right on it.

Sounds great? let us know!

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