Prague Foodie Tour


Is our flagship Prague Foodie Tour about food? Yes. Of course. But we also want to tell the stories behind it. Stories about our childhood, our lives in our country, our customs, our present and our past. We want to explain the Czechs to you. Oh yeah, and enjoy great food and drinks in the process.


Sure, we know you came to Prague to see the sights. But we offer a different angle. An opportunity to stop in the tracks for a few hours, get off the beaten path, and just be. Be among the locals. Get a better understanding of who the Czechs are. What they believe in. Where are the differences, and what we have in common. Of course, we serve what we think is some of the best Czech food and drinks. But that's just the start to understand the wider context. To understand how we live.


  • Price: CZK 2,700 per person
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Group size: 10 tops (Unless agreed otherwise. Have a bigger group? Corporate event? Email us!)
  • Start times: anywhere between 11am and 5pm depending on the day. (Email us if this does not work for you. We will figure it out.) 
  • Walking involved: Usually under a mile in the Old Town, New Town and a cool residential district of Prague. 
 Prague Foodie Tour by Taste of Prague

What’s included?

  • Lots of delicious traditional and modern Czech food. Arrive hungry! You look skinny, and should eat more.
  • Czech beer. (Of course.) Czech and Moravian wine. (Yup. We make wine here.) Local spirits. (We hope you like hair on your chest.)
  • The company of a well-travelled local Czech foodie with a personality and opinion.
  • Personalised email consultancy of your Prague trip before and after the tour. 
  • Our super popular Prague Foodie Map, with personal tips added through the tour based on your questions and the discussion. 
  • Our "lifetime coverage”. Once you take our tour, you and anyone you know will be treated to updated tips whenever you decide to visit Prague again. 
  • Some cool perks along the way.
  • Our undivided, call-at-4am-to-bail-you-out-of-jail loyalty, and unconditional love.

Allergies and substitutions

Unless you suffer from multiple, combined food allergies, or unless you are a vegan, we will figure it out. 

Fancy something a bit ELSE? 

Our Traditional Czech Food Tour is a fun yet informative and delicious tour of the tastiest traditional Czech food and drinks, all within the historical centre.


What is the difference between the Traditional Czech Food Tour and the Prague Foodie Tour?

The Traditional Czech Food Tour takes place in the Old Town and the New Town, so just the “historical centre”. It focuses on the delicious traditional Czech food we grew up with and the traditions around it. (Although some of the food may come in an updated form.) 

The Prague Foodie Tour can be a bit longer, starts in the New Town and then takes you to an up-and-coming residential area next to it, so outside of the tourist centre. The food served in the course of the Prague Foodie Tour includes both traditional and modern Czech food. It focuses on the social context, explaining the transition of the Czech society after the end of Communism through the food we eat in Prague. 

Both tours include lots of food and drinks, so please come hungry. Both tours are cultural tours: you can ask any questions just about anything. Unemployment? Healthcare? Education or real estate rental and ownership prices? We'll have the answers. (And we promise not to make stuff up… more than necessary.) 

(For general questions, please see our full FAQs.)

Sounds great! How do I book? 

To send us an inquiry, please fill in our contact form, or send us an email! We will get back to you shortly. Thank you!