Flat White in Prague


We hate to generalize but when we think about our Australian guests who join us on our tours or stay in our rental apartment, two things tend to come to mind. Firstly, their vacations tend to be long. VERY long, often to the dismay of other guests who join the tour. Of course, it's only logical: you don't want to sacrifice three days in an airplane for a week-long trip. Europe is far from Australia, and you want to take some time exploring it. So we get it, although we are pretty envious at times ;-) The other comment we can make about our Australian guests is that generally they love, and more than often understand, good coffee. Coffee snobs ourselves, we can definitely provide some advice and insight. The most common complaint we get from our coffee-loving Australian guests is that they went on for weeks without a nice cup of flat white. What is "flat white"? Well, it's basically a cappuccino with a double shot of coffee, usually served in a short glass. We think it might be called a "latte" in Australia but here "latte" means a coffee drink with a single shot of coffee, milk and milk foam. To be honest, Jan had a flat white a few weeks ago for the first time, having heard about it so much on the tours, and is a complete convert. There is no going back.

So, if you are an Australian citizen craving a some flat white (ok, you don't really have to be Australian to enjoy a flat white and these tips), we bring you some tips where you can get some in Prague. We think these tips are helpful for anyone who enjoys good coffee because our experience shows that cafes that serve flat whites tend to serve great coffee in general. So without further ado, here we go:

Muj salek kavy

The logical choice, of course, for two reasons: first, Muj salek kavy (pronounced "Mooy shah-lek kah-vi") is owned by Doubleshot, a great Prague-based roastery, so they are serving their own, freshly roasted coffee of the highest quality. Second, their highly skilled baristas include Daniel, a Melbourne-native, so ask for him when you're there and when you're seeking some advice on all things Australian in Prague. He should know. Oh, and did we mention they serve great cakes and ice-cream, too? If you go for an ice-cream, we recommend pistachio. If you are in the Holesovice area, try their second branch in the Alza computer store called, obviously, Alza café.


Cafe Lounge

One of our most favorite cafes in Prague, a.k.a. "our second office". Lovely place in the Lesser Town district, this place is for you if you are a bit tired of the hipster mania that seems to be associated with many great cafes in Prague and Europe in general. This place clearly has a "Belle Époque" feel. Cafe Lounge also has a full-fledged kitchen, so they double as a restaurant that even has daily and weekly specials. Stay away from the sweets - they are generally not good. A great place if you want drip coffee or vacuum pot. In the summer, they rent picnic baskets, which is a great idea, given the cafe is very near the Petrin hill park. They should soon open an espesso bar (to be called E.M.A.) very near the Masarykovo train station near the Powder Tower and the Municipal House.

Kavarna Prazirna

A very local and a bit hidden non-smoking café very near the I.P. Pavlova subway stop. They roast their own coffee in-house, and offer it for sale, too. A very calm place, partly underground. They also offer some paninis, cakes and breakfasts but the selection is not that wide.


Monolok A great, fairly new cafe in the Vinohrady district that boast airy interiors, a lovely garden and a generally calm ambience. The waiter did not know what a "flat white" was when we asked for the first time but the barista made one without hesitation, although in a regular cappuccino cup. On our next visit, we obtained a flat white without any comments, albeit still in a cappuccino cup - obviously they do not have the glasses in which flat whites are generally served here in Prague. Still, we liked it a lot. A great place if you are in the area.

Cafe Baron Prasil

A recently opened minimalist espresso bar at Kodanska 22 street in the Vrsovice district. Probably not for a long stay but for a quick cup.