Kurator: Day 3

It is great to buy yourself a beautiful coat or cool shoes, but sometimes all what your luggage allows is a really small treasure. With this situation in our mind we have decided to make a small sneak-peek into the stuido of our very favourite young jewellier, and also to give you few directions on where you will find interesting jewelry design.

Day 3: Prague's best jewelry and happy treasures

Nastassia Aleinikava

Nastassia is a very young designer who has moved to Prague to study on the Academy of  arts, architecture and design.  One year ago, she successfully reached her masters degree in the jewelry departement there. This shy and quiet lady with very observant eyes is creating extremely subtle and feminin jewelry. She loves the life and gains her inspiration from it. She is a passionate traveller and loves to read.

Nastassia has been nominated for several design awards already. The very first one was the „Discovery of the Year 2008“ at the Czech Grand Design prizes, followed by a „Jewelry designer of the year 2011“ at the CGD and finally last year she has been awarded as the „Discovery of the Year 2013“ at the Preciosa Award along with the Czech Grand Design for her collections of eyewear and a special collection of brooches.

We deeply love Nastassia from the very first moment we saw her work few years ago and honestly, we think that the quality and price ratio of her jewelry is extremely good. So if you want to buy yourself or to someone you love a really nice present, Nastassia Aleinikava is the name to search for. She loves natural materials with „warm“ feeling, such as wood, pearls, silver and gold or corals. Recently, Aleninikava began to design and create very exclusive and chic glasses, many of them made from horn.

For Nastassia’s products, please go to the following shops / galleries. 

Fox Gallery

This slightly hidden two-storey space is located on the Kremencova 176/6, Prague 1 and offers a beautiful selection of collectible jewelry, Czech design furniture and art objects as well as some designer clothes. And on top of that they held a special design exhibitions regularly.


Kurator is our small baby. It is probably the smallest shop in the world, but we are keeping it lively with the changing pop-up concept. It means, that every one month and a half (approx.) we introduce a new selection of interesting designers and fashion brands from all over the world. We concentrate mostly on the young and upcoming talents, always putting an emphasis on the top quality of the products, design and fair and local production. If you are in search for a Czech local fashion and jewelry designers, Kurator offers a permanent selection from the best collections. You can find us on Karoliny Svetle 17, Prague 1.

The range of jewelry is very wide in Kurator. From a funny sweet porcelain brooches, playful rings, delicate nature-inspired jewels up to modern minimalism. 

The range of jewelry is very wide in Kurator. From a funny sweet porcelain brooches, playful rings, delicate nature-inspired jewels up to modern minimalism. 

Dox by Qubus

The Dox by Qubus gallery shop is located in the building of a wonderful contemporary-art Gallery house (DOX) in the Poupetova 1, Prague 7. This minimalistic space offers an interesting selection of contemporary product and jewelry design not only from the Czech Republic, including a top glass and porcelain works of design. And if you are interested in fine arts, design and architecture, you will be well covered in the BenDox bookshop here.


Zari is a unique gallery project dedicated fully and only to the contemporary jewelry design. The space is led by a group of young Czech jewelry designers and students and serves as a perfect "monitoring spot" if you want to know what the current tendencies in this field are. Zari has a regular exhibition program and even that sometimes you can worry whether the showcased pieces of art are for sale, we can assure you - YES, everything in Zari is for sale so don't hesitate to ask. Zari is located in Hermanova 33, Prague 7.

Debut Gallery

When talking about jewelry, we should not forget to mention the Debut Gallery on Male Namesti 12, Prague 1. This place is hard to miss as it clearly stands out in the area where a good and genuine Czech product or souvenir is nearly a sci-fi vision. 

Dear friends. It can seem to you, like there is not much more to recommend for shopping in Prague. Is that right? Well, there is. And you will know right tomorrow. By then, eat well and dream about some beautiful treasures.

[Posted by Martina, Terezka and Honza of Kurator, one of the best shopping addresses in Prague]