More Prague events coming up this week

Now, we were not really planning on it when we wrote last week's post about upcoming events in Prague, but it seems that events and happenings of all kinds are blossoming in Prague and the summer ahead of us will be a busy one if you like to eat, shop... and socialize. We bring you a recap of Prague spring events that are coming up this week. Let's just hope the weather will cooperate and you get to see them all. Gosh, we wish we could. Have fun!

Strawberry fields forever?

The first strawberries of the season have arrived! The farmers’ market at the Jiriho z Podebrad square will be selling the very first batches of strawberries from Brezany in Moravia on Wednesday, May 20. The strawberry season means the summer is about to arrive, so we’re super excited! We expect the demand to be high so make sure to be there early! (And please buy some for us, too, okay?)

Experience Vietnam

You may have heard that Prague has a sizable Vietnamese community. It’s absolutely true, and we’re thankful for it: we love Pho, Banh-mi and other wonders of Vietnamese cuisine that nicely combines Asian and French flavors. The Experience Vietnam event, to be held on 21 May at the Jiriho z Podebrad square (we’re guessing right next to the farmers’ market), is a great opportunity to taste some spring rolls, Bun Cha, Pho and other dishes, followed by a cup of Vietnamese coffee and some sweets. You can even learn how to make the rolls if you’re up for it.

CoLab Prague

From May 21 to 23, Prague will host a meeting of world and local baristas under the auspices of the Barista Guild of Europe. This is a paid event (EUR 65 or 85) but looks really great: if you are trying to enter the world of specialty coffee and make some friends and contacts, this is a great place to start. And the presentations by some famous names from the world of coffee and the panel discussion moderated by the owners of HasBean and Frese Coffee and held in the great Veletrzni palace look really interesting. We’re glad our friends at the European Coffee Trip are the main media partners of the event.  

Prague Fringe

Prague Fringe, the eclectic mix of theatre, music and comedy will be held from May 22 to May 30 across various venues in the Lesser Town district. If you get hungry after a performance - and there will be 200 of them - make sure you visit our favorite spots in the area: Cafe Lounge for some great coffee and cakes on a good day (when our friend Czech Lucie is baking), and Cafe Savoy for great Czech pastries (and the best vetrniks in Prague) and good food. On the other side of the Kampa Park, Lokal will provide your beer fix, and Vinograf will serve some boutique Czech wines.

1st Anniversary of Farm Letna

The popular Letna district hangout is celebrating its 1st anniversary on May 22. To celebrate properly, the Farm will fire up the grill and unveil a new outdoor seating area and baptize it with the sounds of a live band. Despite the complaints we may have, the Farm is a happy place and the celebration looks like lots of fun, and we’re sure it will be packed.

Prague Cheesecake Festival

The Alta Studio in the Holesovice will host the second installment of the Prague Cheesecake Festival on Saturday, May 23 from 11am. Price of admission buys you a tasting in each stand and two votes that you can cast later on for the two of your favorite cheesecake makers. The winner will receive designer porcelain, so your vote is important! If you like cheesecakes, this is a must, obviously. This will probably also open your eyes to a parallel universe of cheesecakes you had no idea about (two words: curd cheese!).


On May 23 and 24, the Manes gallery, a wonderful space by the river in between the National Theatre and the Dancing Building, will host LeMarket, an event that will present local manufacturers and designers of great, high-quality products. The cost of admission is CZK 50 but the price will include a scoop of ice-cream by Angelato, one of the event’s sponsors. The line-up of exhibitors is really nice so we’re excited. For food and drinks, we’d walk past the National Theatre to the Bethlehem square area (which we have described earlier). 


Saturday, May 23 will be busy! The Barlife magazine will organize the second installment of the Rumfest festival on the premises of the Novomestska radnice. Are 150 rums available for tasting enough? Of course not but hey, life is not perfect! A live band and a DJ will make sure you have fun if the rums cannot do it alone. In addition, many of the bars we like in Prague will serve rums special as part of the Rum Cocktail Week in the week leading up to the Rumfest. Make sure you check them out!

Brunch Letná: The Best of Veverkova

Fancy a Sunday brunch out in the open? The new “Containall" container below the Metronome will host “the best of Veverkova street” brunch: food by Bistro 8, a local Letna favorite and the recommended brunch place for our Letna rental apartment, sound provided by the Garage record store, reading materials from Page Five, an assortment of vintage clothing by Recycle with Love and sneakers by Sneaker Barber, and perhaps a new tattoo by Johnny the King. Sounds like a great day. We love the Veverkova street, and this event might explain why.