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12 things you should know before visiting Prague

12 things you should know before visiting Prague

If you ask us, vacations start once you book the flights, and the joys of research start right away. Problem: today, you can Google pretty much everything, and information seem to contradict each other. Case in point: have you tried to google child vaccination? Yeah, exactly. The link you click the first will set you on a path through a rabbit hole, and you’ll end up no smarter after two weeks of research. Solution: you’re joking, right? When it comes to Prague research, we’re the solution. The following should set you on your path through the right rabbit hole. Oh, we mean Prague trip research. 

Here’s the twelve things you should know before you travel to Prague. 

Crash course in Czech


Ah! The beauty of the Czech language. Too bad it is only spoken by ten million people... and mostly incorrectly at that. To be honest, we always discourage anyone from trying to learn Czech in any serious fashion - it's just too difficult and only takes you that far. Jan had an English colleague at work who lived in Prague for over a decade and gave up after about 12 years of trying with these words:

"I'm giving up. The Czech language only goes to show how much you hate all other people. You gave a completely new meaning to language barrier."