Upcoming Concerts in Prague

As the guests who joined our tours would surely confirm, we are very passionate about food. But let's face it - you can't spend your days (and nights) just eating and drinking, although I do sometimes dream about it (one can dream, can't he?).  We do love food, it is not the only passion in our lives. Music is definitely another one. We have a big CD collection at home, and just recently we have bought a turntable for our old vinyls (BTW, did you know that the Czech Republic is a superpower when it comes to turntable manufacturing? We have opted for the ProJect Deput Esprit turntable proudly made here in the Czech Republic - sorry, that's the audio geek inside me talking...).

So if you are like us and if you are about to visit Prague, why not see a nice pop/rock concert while you're here? Concerts in Prague We have some tips for the upcoming two months:

July 11 - Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Synot Tip Arena

The Boss and his band will play at the home stadium of my favorite Czech soccer club, Slavia Prague. Tickets start at CZK 1,100 (EUR 45).

July 15 - Marilyn Manson at the Lucerna

The Lucerna hall is worth a visit alone - built between 1907 and 1917, this dance and concert hall with three stories of balconies is one of the oldest pop concert venues in Prague. It is also the most popular venue for high school proms in Prague (Jan graduated there, too). Please beware - the Lucerna is known for its old, ineffective air-conditioning system, so dress lightly! Sold out at the moment, but more tickets may be available.

July 23 - Rancid at the Lucerna

Punk legends will rock the old Lucerna! Tickets start at sweet CZK 685 (EUR 27)

July 27 - CocoRosie at the Archa Theatre

Tickets to the indie rock darlings at the Archa Theatre will set you back CZK 539 (EUR 22).

August 7 - The Roots at the Lucerna Music Bar

The best live hip-hop band on the planet will play at the most popular club in town. The club is actually in the same building as the "big" Lucerna and shares the horrible a/c system, so again - dress lightly! (See you there, we will not miss this one!). Tickets cost CZK 690 (EUR 27).

August 9 - Sum 41 at the Lucerna Music Bar

August 15 - Afghan Whigs at the Lucerna Music Bar

August 15 - Foo Fighters at the O2 Arena

Dave Grohl and his band will play the O2 Arena. That means it's an indoors concert (the O2 Arena is primarily an ice-hockey arena). Tickets start at CZK 1,100 (EUR 45).

August 27 - Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Synot Tip Arena

After John Frusciante left, the RHCPs come back with a new, young guitarist. See them live at the outdoor arena! Tickets start at CZK 1,490 (EUR 60).

About food and drinks at these venues: mostly overpriced junk or fast food and (non)alcoholic beverages will be sold at these venues. We suggest you fill up in advance. The big and small Lucerna are also smoking venues, so please be prepared for that. Anyway, we think that visiting a concert abroad is a thing that memories are truly made of! In our experience, concerts abroad tell you more about the local culture than several days in the city...