Prague Wine Week is coming...

January has never been on top of either my or Honzi’s list of favorite months. At the age of ten (yes, a long, long time ago), the only bright side of January used to be snow fights and going down the hill on a sleigh. Nowadays, we wish January was over before it even has a chance to start. So is there any reason why you should enjoy the cold, sometimes rainy, windy and dark days of the first month of the year in Prague? The answer is a definite yes: the Prague Wine Week!

The fourth year of the Prague Wine Week, organized by the Víno Revue, aims to get Czechs and tourists alike off the beer, and turn their attention to wine. The festival starts with a gala event at the Crowne Plaza Prague on Monday, January 23. At this event, you get a chance to taste more than 300 great wines that were awarded in the largest Czech wine contest, the Prague Wine Trophy, and that can’t be found on the supermarkets’ shelves, for CZK 1000. But there is more…

From Monday, January 23, to Friday, January 27, restaurants, wine bars and wine shops throughout Prague will cooperate with award-winning wineries to create set menus accompanied by wine tastings that will give you the chance to savor a particular grape in its best light, or rather, with the best bite for prices that won’t break the bank (ranging from CZK 150 for no-meal options to CZK 450 for three-course options).

Well... given that it’s more than recommended to spend as much time in January as possible by eating and drinking with your family or friends, we’re definitely gonna try at least one venue… Vinograf.

This wonderful, cozy wine bar joined forces with the MIKROSVÍN MIKULOV winery to select 7 different regional wines and match them with local cheeses. Besides, they have the widest selection of Czech and Moravian wines in Prague and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are quite sure you will enjoy Vinograf so much that you pop in again the next evening.