Warm your bones in winter


You know what's the nicest thing about Czech winter? Is it the snow, the frost, the people falling on icy pavements? No, it's watching it all through the windows from a nice, cosy interior, preferably over some hot beverage! And that's where we come in.

In today's post, we bring you some tips for places that serve great hot beverages to warm up your frozen bodies while you walk the sights in snowy Prague.

If you like a bit of buzz while you melt your bones, we definitely recommend mulled wine (sometimes called "hot wine" here). The obvious choice would be the Christmas markets, but that's often a hit-and-miss affair. They use mediocre wine at best and then they boil it, which is not the way you do it. If you want the good stuff, you must visit a proper wine bar. Head over to Vinograf for the best mulled wine in Prague. We also like the Redpif version a lot.

If you have a sweeter tooth, hot chocolate is the beverage for you. Visit Choco-café for a cup of the thickest, richest, fudge-like chocolate you've ever had. Just don't count the calories and cancel that dinner reservation you made for later, because a cup their of chocolate is like a full meal. They tend to be crowded over the winter so booking a table is definitely a good idea. If you're in the Vinohrady area, definitely visit Al Cafetero. In addition to tasty coffee, they serve excellent chocolate, too. If you need some sweets with your chocolate, the St Tropez patisserie is always a good idea (they now also serve tasting sets of Czech Christmas cookies!).

Finally, the winter season is the best time to discover Prague's hidden side as a paradise for tea lovers. Tea rooms are abundant here in Prague, but mostly well hidden to foreign visitors. For the best assortment and service, pay a visit to Dobrá čajovna or Bílý jeřáb. We won't blame you if you stay for an hour or two… …because the undressing and dressing up part will take at least half an hour alone...