Up for a festival? Find some great Czech beers and restaurants...


Looking for some food or drink-related events to put in your travel schedule while in Prague? Look no further - we know about two events that will fit every foodie's agenda.

First of all, the 5th annual seventeen-day Beer Festival starts with the Grand Opening tomorrow at 5 pm. The venue will be divided into two parts: the main tent with beer served in 1-litre mugs only for 2 Tolars (the festival money, 1 Tolar equalling CZK 45), and the sophisticated C hall with a wide assortment of beers of different styles (not just your regular lager) from regional breweries and microbreweries provided by Pivní Rozmatitost. We recommend true beer lovers to forget about the former and head to the latter: the serving sizes will be smaller and you end up spending more, but you will have a chance to taste some of the greatest beers the Czech Republic has to offer. If you go, look for 12°unfiltered from Unětice or almost anything from the following breweries: Chýně, Matuška, Kocour or Kout (our current favorites). Read more about the Czech beer Festival in an article by Pivni Filosof, a famous beer blogger living in the Czech Republic.


Secondly, there is the Prague Food Festival. We've been attending it passionately every year since it started as it offers the great way to sample a wide selection of dishes from some of the best Prague's restaurants; some dishes are spot on, some are not, but the festival’s definitely worth visiting even if only for its atmosphere. CZK 400 (advance booking, CZK 450 at the spot) will buy you a ticket and 10 Grands (the festival's money, 1 Grand is CZK 25). We always buy many extra Grands at the spot and spend money we could easily spend at a fine dining place; and although this is not a cheap pastime, you will have a lot of eating to do. This year, just as the last year, the Festival will take place in the Royal Garden of the Prague Castle on 25–27 May. So if you want to try an incredible range of goodies, see some gastronomic shows and experience local atmosphere, aim to the Castle next weekend. BTW, the motto of the festival this year (Think Global, Eat Local) reminds me so much of working for the law firm - is that a good thing?



Have fun and let us know what you liked the most!