We are leaving for November but we have some good news, too!

Us, acting all sad that we're leaving. Photo taken Iva of Kafe Blog

It was a nice season when we think about it. We've served lots of great, delicious (and mostly pretty fattening) food, changed the route of our existing tour quite a bit, added another tour to the portfolio, drank lots of wine with our beloved guests in the Moravian wine country, and - most importantly - met lots of great people we will never forget (yes, we are talking about YOU!).  

But it's coming to an end. We will officially close the 2014 summer season this Friday, and on Saturday morning, we will board a plane to the USA. We will spend the entire November in the US: a week in NYC, Portland, Sand Francisco, Los Angeles and back in NYC. What will we do there? First, eat and drink. A lot. Second, recharge batteries and discuss the ideas we have for the winter and next year's season (and we do have a lot of ideas). Third, just let it all hang out and enjoy the trip. We deserve it.

So we're leaving, which is sad. On the other hand, we also have some happy news: we've wanted to do one thing for a long time, and our US trip is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Just like Sweden, who is letting regular Swedes tweet on it's behalf, we have the pleasure of announcing that some pretty awesome people will share their own "taste of Prague" on our social networks and the interwebs. 

The lineup is actually pretty sweet. In the interest of gender equality, we have decided to give our social networks to couples. It wasn't the plan at the beginning but it just occurred naturally, and we actually like it. So who will be making sure you get a real local insight in Prague in November and early December?

Week of November 3

Martina and Honza of Kurator, a tiny shop with a big heart. Martina and Honza, the owners, put up quarterly curated displays of young Czech and international fashion designers in their shop near the National Theatre. We are expecting lots of inspiration in the fashion department. Special credit goes to Terezka, their wonderful colleague who will be helping with the posts (we want to borrow her for a year or two to manage our lives). 

Week of November 10 

Eliska and Lukas of Couple of Prague. Their Instagram feeds is one of our favorite things to follow. As they say, they are not bloggers. They are photographers! We love what they do and we can't wait to see their photographic angle on Prague!

Week of November 17 

Igor and Marcela, our beloved foodie friends. He was born in Ukraine and is a bona fide New Yorker, she hails from Poprad in the exotic Slovakia (just kidding). We look forward to their views of Prague as expats who lead corporate lives and love to try new places to eat. 

Week of November 24

Bara of Bju Kitchen with her husband and possibly kids, and we hope Brambora, their adorable puppy. Bara loves food and is not afraid to talk about it. She though she was set in New York City until she met her husband. Now she is set in Prague and has great plans for the future, preparing her own cookbook. 

Week of December 1

Misa and Martin of Scuk, the best resource for food in the Czech Republic. If something new opens up, they know it first. Martin, aka Cuketka, is arguably the most famous Czech food blogger, while Misa, aka Copywriterka, has a huge following of her own and probably knows everybody as an independent marketing consultant. They say they have a strategy so look out!

How will it all work?

Every Monday morning we will introduce the couple who will be taking over our social networks. To get an idea what they are all about and what you should expect, they will answer a few questions and then start sharing their views on Prague. At the end of the week, we will put their posts into a convenient map to wrap up their week, and introduce the next couple. The couples will post on our Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram page.

We are excited. We love to share our own experiences and tips on Prague, but we think November will add a lot to the rich mosaic that is Prague. Stay tuned for more. It's going to be fun!