What to do in Prague: Prague views


One of the things that make Prague so great in our opinion are the hills that surround the centre. Prague is often compared to Vienna in terms of atmosphere but we think the hills give Prague a clear edge over Vienna (of course). You can simply walk up, get away from the crowds in the centre and enjoy some lovely vistas. In this post, we bring you a few tips for great views of Prague. If you connect them, they will create a really nice walk around the entire centre, allowing you to see the central parts of Prague from all possible angles.

Letna park

One of the easiest climbs from the centre: cross the Cechuv bridge from the Jewish Quarter below, walk up the stairs to the Metronome (the red needle), and then turn left. In about one minute, you will reach a great view of the river bend with the Charles Bridge, the Lesser Town and the Old Town. You can walk from there to the Prague Castle - it will take about 20 minutes to reach the Royal Gardens. Don't forget to visit the Deer Moat just before the Castle - it's our favorite place in the area.


Strahov Monastery

One of the more touristy views; however, the view is spectacular, and if you come early, you'll be alone. Walk down from the view and then take the right to the Petrin gardens. You can thank us later.


Petrin Hill

The most romantic place in Prague, especially for the locals who congregate there on the 1st of May to kiss under a blossoming cherry tree (it's a tradition based on probably the best known romantic poem ever written in Czech). Walk up to the faux Eiffel Tower, see the House of Mirrors, or walk from the centre to reach the university dormitories and the Strahov stadium, the biggest stadium in the world.


Riegrovy sady

This is a favorite among locals, especially in the summer thanks to the nearby beer garden. If you want to enjoy arguably the best view of Prague and the castle, walk up the hill, get a beer in a plastic cup (for once), sit down on the grass with the others, and enjoy.

TV Tower

Visible from nearly everywhere, the TV tower was completed in 1989 and recently refurbished. It now features a one-room hotel, and a new restaurant/cafe. We have not been there yet but our friends tell us it's not worth it for dinner, but great for tea. And the view is great, of course.

Vitkov National Memorial

Our secret tip. The view from the top of the building behind the Zizka statue (the third biggest equestrian statue in the world) is simply breathtaking. Turn left and you'll see the Zizkov district (sometimes called the Montmartre of Prague) with the TV tower at the top. We recommend walking down the pedestrian tunnel and visiting the Karlin district below.


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