What to see in Prague: MeetFactory


When it comes to modern art, the Prague city centre still seems to lag behind other cities like Berlin or Vienna. One of the few great exhibition venue focusing on modern arts in the centre, the Artbanka Museum of Young Art, closed down on 15 January 2013, after only two seasons. To see truly modern art, you have to venture out of the city, for instance to the seventh district (Prague 7), the seat of the Dox Museum of Contemporary Art and a plethora of smaller galleries. This is also where MeetFactory was born, originally opened by David Cerny, one of the most popular young artists in the Czech Republic who has a strong presence here in Prague. However, the original MeetFactory, founded in 2001, was washed away by the 2002 floods, and had to relocate to where it is today: a former glassworks warehouse, railway workshop and workers' barracks in a brownfield in the Smichov district. Run by a three-member Board consisting of Cerny, David Koller, a famous musician, and Alice Nellis, one of the leading Czech filmmakers, MeetFactor is a truly multi-media venue that combines visual and performing arts. The space also includes accommodation for visiting artists. The whole project is targeted mostly at a younger audience and aims to introduce them to modern arts.

Most people in Prague know the MeetFactory as a music and theatre venue. The building also hosts parties designed to intertwine all artistic forms into one. The upcoming events include the "Public House: Bizarre Carnival" on Saturday, 9 February, an "unrestrained art party" revolving around the theme of brothels that will include a swinging hall with two DJs, a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, a performance lab and many other attractions. This will be an "open-door" party, meaning that visitors will have access to all the studios and venues within the building. Asking about the price of admission? Free!

Whether you'll attend the Saturday party or not, we think this place is definitely worth a visit.


Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Prague

Open daily from 1pm to 20pm + evening programmes