Traditional Czech Food Tour


A fun yet informative and delicious tour of the tastiest traditional Czech food and drinks. Basically an extended visit to the Czech grandma you’ll wish you’d had by the end of the tour. (And no. You can't borrow ours.)


What? Is that it? Of course not. Delicious Czech food is just the start. Our idea? Spend four hours with a passionate local foodie. Understand what the food means to us, where the produce comes from, and how you can make it at home. (You will want to.) Walk along local streets and do fun stuff behind closed doors. And get an idea of how we live here, and how our recent history has shaped our colourful present.


Price per guest:

CZK 2,500


3.5-4 hrs

Max group size:

10 guests

Number of stops:


Walking involved:

1.2 miles

Run between:


Fine print

  • Group size: Sure, 10 tops, but that's negotiable if you have a bigger group, or a team building event. Just email us.)

  • Start times: anywhere between 1 and 3pm depending on the day. (Email us if this does not work for you.)

  • Walking involved may vary as we change the eateries. But we run food tours, not death marches.

  • Tours are run rain or shine. In your face, climate change!

Traditional Czech food Savoy

What’s included?

  • Lots of delicious traditional Czech food. (Some 10 to 12 tastings.) Arrive hungry! You look skinny, and should eat more. Honestly. Put some meat on those bones!

  • Czech beer. (Of course.) Czech and Moravian wine. (Yup. We make wine here.) Local spirits. (We hope you like hair on your chest.)

  • The company of a well-travelled local Czech foodie with a personality and opinion.

  • Our super popular Prague Foodie Map, with personal tips added throughout the tour based on your questions and the discussions.

  • Our "lifetime coverage”. We’ve got you covered with tips and updates whenever you decide to visit Prague. This coverage extends to everyone you know.

  • Some cool perks along the way.

  • Our undivided, call-at-4am-to-bail-you-out-of-jail loyalty, and unconditional love.


We can cater to most allergies and special diets on this particular tour. That said, please note that accommodating special diets (think vegetarians or lactose or gluten intolerance) will raise the price of the tour to CZK 2700, since we have to order specific items beyond the standard tour that increase our costs. Thank you for understanding. (Sadly, we can't offer this tour to vegans.)


Our flagship Prague Foodie Tour adds some modern Czech cuisine and takes you outside of the tourist centre for a truly local experience. It also includes personalised email consultancy and advice relating to your Prague trip.


What is the difference between the Traditional Czech Food Tour and the Prague Foodie Tour?

Let’s start with what’s the same: Lots of food and drinks. Great service. Prague Foodie Map and some gifts included. Discussions about food and everything else, from unemployment and taxes to whether Jay Z really cheated on Beyoncé. You know, the really important stuff.

What’s different? The Prague Foodie Tour throws modern Czech cuisine into the mix, and can take you outside of the city centre. And it’s a bit more adventurous. (But don’t worry, this is Central Europe, so if you like meat and potatoes, we’ll be fine.)

Is there a dress code?

Nope. Come as you are. Just don't wear Crocs. Nobody should.

(For general questions, please see our full FAQs.)