Breaking news: Adam of EMA in World Barista Champs Semis!

If you have been reading this blog for some time, you may know we love coffee and always are in search of the best coffee in Prague. It is also no secret that one of our ultimate favorites is EMA Espresso Bar. It’s reached the level where we have our mail delivered there, and we lovingly call the bench just left of the entry “our second office”. (The other guests of EMA seem to ignore the fact that we like to sit there, and occupy what naturally belongs to us.)

Needless to say, Adam, the manager and barista of EMA Espresso Bar, is one of our favorite baristas in town. We did love his coffee even when he worked at Cafe Lounge before he transferred to EMA. We did also root for him at the Czech Barista Championships earlier this year, although the finals were heartbreaking: we love Ondra, the barista at Alza cafe who finished second, as much as Adam, but hey - he won another category, so the universe can be at peace.

Anyway, Adam is now competing at the World Barista Championships in Seattle and… he’s progressed to the semifinals! Which means he’s one of the twelve best baristas in the World for this year. We’ve made a deal with Adam before he left and he keeps sending us random pics from his journey, although - quite logically - he is very busy over there in Seattle. The other people in the photos include his brother, the Czech SCAE coordinator, Petra Vesela, despite her young age something like a mother to many of the best Czech baristas, and her husband Gwilym Davies, the 2009 World Barista Champion and the founder of Prufrock Coffee in London. 

The reason we are writing this is that you can cheer for Adam tonight in front of your computer or - hopefully - in the comfort of your favorite Prague cafe that has wifi connection. The SCAA, which runs the event, is streaming the event live. Adam is the first semifinalist to come on stage today (Saturday, April 11) at 10:15am Pacific time, which means 7:15pm Central European Time, the only two time zones that matter today.

Here’s the link:

Go get’em, Adam! We told you you should not return without a medal so now’s show time!