Prague local favorites: Dish Fine Burger Bistro

We love the Dish Fine Burger Bistro, and we visit on the spur of the moment whenever we want to treat ourselves to a great, tasty, juicy burger. You know, the kind of burger that will make you want to cancel your dinner reservations for the month ahead and just come back again and again for seconds and thirds. We never have a reservation so our visits follow the same pattern. We come in, the staff looks at us with that didn’t-we-tell-you-like-the-past-twenty-times-you-should-make-a-reservation-before-you-come kind of face, and then we ģo for a walk around the block because the next table will hopefully be ready in 20 minutes but maybe later, too. Who knows.

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The burgers are best in town in our humble opinion. We usually have a seat, order burgers, and devour them in no time, faster than anyone really should, wash it down with a small glass of Unetice lager, pay and walk home, happy and satisfied. It’s a burger joint, so what else would you want to do there? This is not a place to spend hours, discussing politics and stuff. Also, they will not be winning any Michelin stars for culinary innovation any time soon, but do you really want that in a burger joint? Not really. You want great burgers. And on that front, Dish never fails to deliver. Just go there. You’ll see.

When to come: Whenever you have a reservation for, or in between meals if you don’t have one. Hopefully they will have a table for walk-ins. Fingers crossed!
Where to sit: At the bar! You can see the chefs make your burger and chat with them. If the bar is full, any table in the back will do. We prefer the left side to the right.
What to order: What do you mean, what to order? Burgers! Zuzi likes the lamb and sometimes goes for the vegetarian portobello option, while Jan always goes for the Smokey Dish. To complete our usual order, we always get the jalapeño coleslaw and the bistro fries with the smoked chili mayo.
Runners up: The Ippin Japanese-inspired burger with miso and soy sauce is actually pretty neat. And their coriander coleslaw is nice, too. 
What to beware of: Reservation is a must have. Crying does not help. Trust us. We’ve been there.
Instagram-worthiness: Very high. Just a few things get more likes than a pic of a messy burger! Maybe kittens. Or babies.

Pics by Martin from Everbay Co.