Prague Foodie Map (2nd edition) out now!

Taste of Prague's Prague food guide is out now!

Oops, we did it again. (Oh, this never gets old. Thank you, Britney.) 

Yes, we’re happy to announce that the second, updated and improved edition of our Prague Foodie Map, our Prague food guide, is finally out. Our curated selection of the best restaurants in Prague, along with best coffee shops, bistros and bars in town.

The first edition sold out in less than six months (the recommendation in the Food & Wine magazine helped). The new, second and improved edition adds more tips and Prague travel advice, mostly based on two things: (1) our own travels, and (2) the most common questions that get asked on both of our Prague food tours.  

We travel quite a bit, and if you’re following us on Instagram (if you don’t, drop everything and do it now), you know it’s mostly for food. And we’ve always wanted to have a reliable, honest guide for each city we travel to, written by a local foodie. With things that only make sense to taste, and nothing more. A guide devoid of cliches and stereotypes. With tips that get you outside of the beaten path. Basically a guide a local would endorse. So we wrote one for Prague.  

The Prague Foodie Map is only 5 Euros, and comes in two flavours: as a printed guide you can buy in some of the coolest places in Prague, and as a digital download

So what’s new in the second edition of our Prague food guide? 

  • The number of recommended spots has increased. Prague is growing, and so does the guide.
  • The separate map is gone, based on feedback and our own gripes about the first one. Now we have two integrated maps in both sleeves - one of the entire city, one zoomed-in view of the centre. And they are better laid out and show more information.
  • The guide’s sections are now colour-coded for quick orientation.
  • A glossary of basic Czech terms, with pronunciation.
  • A new list of cool, quirky things to do in Prague, on top of the cool places in Prague. 
  • A list of the best bites in Prague, and another list for the best bites in Prague, limited to Czech cuisine only. So one Czech, one international.  
  • A space for notes! Oh, we needed that one.
  • Statistics about Prague and the Czech Republic. We got nerdy in this one, but they do explain a lot.
  • The 24-hour itinerary of the first edition was brutal. Basically a sight-seeing death march. We slowed down and spread the pack-it-all-in itinerary into two days. Makes more sense that way. 

And what has stayed from the first edition?

  • Curated selection of Prague's best restaurants, coffee shops, bars, farmers markets and shops. In a book and on a map.
  • Interviews with local influencers about the things they love and recommend in Prague.
  • Fun insider knowledge about Prague's food scene. (And Prague's drinks scene, too.)
  • Tips for trips outside of Prague.
  • A list of cool spots in Prague.
  • And so much more.

So the Prague Foodie Map is out now. Our best food tips for Prague, and so much more. Hope you'll have as much fun using it as we had writing it! 

Prague Foodie Map - Prague tourist map for foodies