Prague Local Favorites: Metamorposis

Sure, a flower shop does not relate to food or shopping or culture, but if we were to talk about the shops we love in Prague, Metamorphosis would be near the top of the list. Just walk inside and you’ll understand why: the eclectic, run down room is dominated by a large table full of various flowers, the basic ingredients for the florists’ creations. Just tell them how much you want to spend, and what color and flowers do you prefer, and watch as the wooden floor covers in twigs and leafs when the florists prepare the bouquets “a la minute” for you. Romantic and beautiful? You bet. Also, we are always surprised how much beauty and flowers we get for whatever we say our budget it. The bouquet seems worth more than it is.

Since our first purchase, we have become regulars at Metamorphosis. Zuzi goes there to buy flowers for our home on a weekly basis. Jan goes there when he want to surprise Zuzi with a small gift. And we both go there when we need to buy flowers for our friends or family. And they complete every order with flying colors: the florists will make anything from a modest, cute bouquet for CZK 200 to a wall of flower power worth thousands. Metamorphosis is hardly a secret, and we usually have to stand in a small line. But the wait is totally worth it. Just venture into the shop one day and you’ll understand what we talk about. Just don’t come complaining to us when you become hooked like we are. You brought it on yourself! We warned you, okay?

When to come: Just before the noon is the safest time: they’ve already delivered their daily batch of flowers, and they still have a wide selection of flowers.

What to buy: They don’t really have a menu in Metamorphosis. You just walk in and say what you want, what’s your budget, and perhaps a style: “I want a flower that will cost some 300 Czech crowns, is predominantly yellow, oh, and hate roses.” And then you just watch. The flower will unfold as the florist will prepare it.

What to beware of: Sometimes there can be long lines, but let’s be honest here: long lines in flower shops are bearable. Also, coming just before the closing time might get you a flower you would not have picked yourself a few hours before, because they can run out of some flowers towards the end of the day.

Instagram-worthiness: Dynamite. A beautiful flower shop. Full of flowers. What more would you want exactly?