Prague local favorites: Hemingway Bar

We are not uncovering a secret hidden gem here: Hemingway Bar is arguably the most popular bar in town, and also one of the best ones. Getting in past 9pm when the bar stops taking reservations can take some time, but the wait is worth it: the bar is a great place to drink those woes away with class and distinction. (If you can't get in right away, just sign in. There's lots to do in the area.) It is also a fairly adult place that does focus on mixology. If you're in need of a meat market, look elsewhere. Order something from the cocktail menu, get a sample of their wide selection of rums, or just tell the bartenders what you fancy. And then just watch them work. We could do that for hours.

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They also love their rules over at Hemingway Bar. No laptops. No ordering of drinks for other guest unless the staff checks first. No moving of chairs. While this may be slightly annoying when you want to arrange a larger table for the friends you have met there by coincidence, it does add to the atmosphere of undisturbed consumption of fine spirits and combinations thereof. And the combinations sure are wonderful. Just ask anyone waiting in the line outside. Or maybe not. 

When to come: Get a reservation for just before 9pm to beat the crowds of walk-ins.
Where to sit: In the non-smoking section upstairs, preferably at the bar. You get the best view of the bartenders at work, sans the smoke.
What to order: If you must have Absinthe on your visit to Prague, have it here. They will explain why it’s more than just a boozy drink consumed by college students. We also like gin fizzes, the Oldf Fashioned and daiquiris in general.
Runners up: Anything with Becherovka, the local digestive bitter. Hemingway’s Paparazzi or m&m’s with butter-infused version of Becherovka are both worth a try. 
What to beware of: The smoking section downstairs if you don’t want to smell your bar experience for hours to come. Also, they like their rules, so don’t break them! The tables are near each other so you may end up sharing your personal space, too.
Instagram-worthiness: Moderate. Poor lighting conditions make taking Instagrams fairly difficult. That said, people might find interest in your dirty little secrets that may get revealed in your pics as the night progresses on. Don't drink and Instagram!

(Pics by Martin from Everbay)