Prague local favorites: Muj salek kavy

If we ever move to the Karlin district like we sometimes plan to, we’ll blame it on Muj salek kavy. The flagship cafe of the local doubleshot coffee roasters single-handidly put Karlin back on the map and helped it turn into Prague’s Williamsburg that it is today. Why? Because the coffee is consistently good, and the place has a really nice, vibrant vibe. Oh, and are we the only ones who have noticed that their takeaway cups match the sizes of their porcelain cups? That is worth applause by itself. We don't want huge paper cuppa filled to the brim! We just want our regular coffee the way we like it! And yes, we're talking to you, the rest of the Prague coffee scene.  

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We like to visit Muj salek kavy for Sunday brunch. If we remember to make a reservation, that is. We simply like to get breakfast where the coffee is good. Sure, the yolk in the poached eggs may not be as runny as we would want them and the cakes all use mascarpone cream but hey, nobody’s perfect, right? The cheery atmosphere of the place and the coffee will make up for it. Make sure you reserve the outdoor seats in the summer. Or maybe don't, we need these table to ourselves.

When to come: In between the lunch and dinner rush hours. And if you want to go for a Sunday brunch, book days ahead. Having a fit at the bar does not work. Tried it.
Where to sit: At a table outside during the summer months. One of the best places to enjoy coffee in Prague. Or the small table inside on the left end corner near the window. The table is tiny but you can put things on the large window pane. Choose the table in the right corner behind the bookshelves if you’re meeting friends for breakfast. 
What to order: The tasting set of filter coffee from three different beans highlighting Doubleshot’s current production. You even get a small quiz that lets you guess which coffee is which, which may, or may not, shatter your dreams of becoming a cup taster one day.
Runners up: We like their breakfasts on Sundays, if we remember to book in advance. Their granola is good but only order it when you're fine with lots of sugar in it. We usually order their egg dishes for breakfast.
What to beware of: Try to call in to get a reservation before you come. Your visit may end up being a bitter disappointment if you don’t: they don’t tend to have much space for walk-ins.
Instagram-worthiness: High. With latte-art that good, your pics will get high scores for presentation. Also, you can be sure that a pic of their eggs Benedict will  get lots of likes. Nice tables, too!

(Pics by Eliska and Lukas of Couple of Prague.)