Couple of Prague, Part I

This week we took over Taste of Prague’s social media and we already visited some great places here in Prague. We started with our favourite Polagraph gallery and Musictown Record Store, next day we had lunch in beautiful Coffee Room. Here are some pictures we took so far.

1. Polagraph Gallery (Husinecká 14)

Polagraph is a small shop/gallery where you can buy/rent polaroids. It started as a collaboration of PolaroidLove, My Dear Deer and Paragraph.

2. Musictown Record Store (Ondrickova 321/22)

One of a few music dedicated places with a great selection of vinyls, CDs and music DVDs. There’s usually a small show each month.

3. Coffee Room (Korunni 74)

One of a newest coffee shops in Prague with a lovely interior and amazing food selection immediately stole our hearts. It’s the kind of place where you would spend the whole afternoon.