November Tastes of Prague: Week 2 - Eliska and Lukas of Couple of Prague

With the first week of Kurator taking over our social media behind us (they did a fantastic job - thank you guys!), the time is right to introduce our second couple who will blog and post for us during the second week of November while we are gone in the US: Eliska and Lukas of Couple of Prague.

Arguably, there are not many Czech Instagram accounts that have more followers that those held by Eliska and Lukas. And there certainly aren’t many more Instagram accounts that are more beautiful. It is absolutely clear that Eliska and Lukas love photography and a short inspection of their accounts will prove that their decision to become professionals was the right thing to do. 

How did we meet Eliska and Lukas? Well, we have to start by confessing that Zuzi is an Instagram addict, and she has followed both Eliska and Lukas for ages now because she simply loves what they do. What we find inspiring about them is not just the photos they post but also their positive approach to everything they do. You can see they love what they do. And Instagram is the perfect medium for them.

Back when we started following them, we had absolutely no idea that they also love to cook, or - more precisely - bake. But now we know, and you do, too: Eliska bakes what seem to be the best cupcakes ever.  

On top of the Instagram accounts, they do have a Facebook page and a photography blog to showcase their work, although they are fast to assert that they are not bloggers but photographers. Their main inspirations are twofold: first, people. Couple of Prague loves to take photographs of people. If you have an anniversary, wedding or another precious family event coming up, make sure you give them a call. The second inspiration is also clearly visible from their social media: nature and the outdoors. Their photos could easily pass as photography in Kinfolk, a magazine they love. (We write this from Portland, OR, the home town of Kinfolk magazine.) 

What do we personally expect from the week ahead? We expect beautiful photography, perhaps some coffee thrown in there, people and nature. And perhaps a cat or two. But we could be wrong. Who knows? Well, we guess only Eliska and Lukas do. Stay tuned to find out!