Kurator's Taste of Prague: Wrap Up

Yes, we are, too...

Yes, we are, too...

Well, the first week of awesome Prague locals blogging and posting on our social media is now officially over. And what a week it was! When we first gave our social media to Martina, Jan and Terezka of the Kurator shop, we had no idea what we were getting into. The results far exceeded our expectations. We are writing this from Portland, OR (we love it here, btw) and we only wish Kurator had posted the same overview for Portland, as well. Would have made our research much easier.

If you haven't followed Kurator's week on our blog, we have only one thing to say. Shame on you! But still, we think you can revisit their Prague shopping guide for women, for men, for jewelry and happy treasures, for children and toys, for stationery, flowers and antiques, for ecological, ethical, organic and fair-trade gifts, and their favorite galleries.

The only think we can do at this point, with the last they of their posting nearly behind us, is to thank Kurator for the banging job the did on our blog, Instagram feed, Facebook and Twitter accounts… …and for sorting our Christmas shopping list way ahead of the actual Christmas shopping season. Very helpful! (And very expensive later on, we assume.)

As promised at the beginning of the week, we have turned Kurator’s invaluable tips into a handy map that gives you a nice visual overview of Kurator’s Prague. We don’t know about you but we will be saving this in our browser for the slightly stressful December pre-Christmas weekends! (And for later, too.)

Who will take over our social media the next week? Tune it tomorrow to find out.

Have a great week, everyone! 

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