Kurator, Day 7

So, seven days are gone. Seven days of posting the best tips for local design and fashion shopping according to Kurator's team. It was fast and funny. Did you like our recommendations? We hope you did and more of that we hope that once you will be in Prague, you'll be following them. 

There are much more places that we truly love in Prague, but as today is the Sunday, we just want to have the last hurrah in a very relaxing way. So if you want, you can write to your notebooks the following 10 galleries that we like to visit when time allows us.

Day 7: Kurator's favourite art galleries in Prague

1. Museum Kampa, U Sovovvych mlynu 2, Prague 1

2. Dox, Poupetova 1, Prague 7

3. The Chemistry gallery, Bubenska 1, Prague 7

4. Glerie Krehky, Osadni 35, Prague 7

5. Galerie Rudolfinum, Alsovo nabrezi 12, Prague 1

6. Hunt Kastner, Borivojova 85, Prague 3

7. Polansky Gallery, Veletrzni 45 (in the courtyard), Prague 7 

8. Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, The house of architecture, Betlemske namesti 169/ 5a, Prague 1

9. Generally all the "Narodni Galerie" gallery houses, depending on the current ongoing exhibitions and our current mood.

10. Generally all the "Galerie hlavniho mesta Prahy" gallery houses, depending on the current ongoing exhibitions and our current mood.

And one extra tip: The Krehky + Qubus design shop, led by famous Czech designer Jakub Berdych. 

This space is all about contemporary glass and porcelain design, and all of the treasures there are for sale.


It is located on Ramova 3, Prague 1, and sometimes you can meet there also the fashion designer Lenka Kohoutova (Cockerel) and their lovely dog Zemlicka.


Now, we are going to see the Prague Design Week as this is the very last day of it and we are curious about the new talents that are presented there. Also we want to thank Jan and Zuzi to let us rule their social media sites for the entire week and to give us this great opportunity to share our favorite Prague's world with you. And you know what? Once you will arrive to Prague, don't forget to stop by in our tiny lovely Kurator for a small chat. All of you, our dear friends, are always welcome and it will make us happy.

Thank you for your attention and we hope to see you soon - Martina & Jan & Terezka & Belinka