December Tastes of Prague: Zuzi and Jan of Taste of Prague. Yes, we're back.

Yes, we are officially back in Prague now. We have returned from our November US trip. How was it? It was absolutely fantastic. Could have easily spent two months there. We learnt a lot and brought back lots of inspiration and ideas for our tours going forward. (You can read about our first three days in New York City and our full weeks in Portland and San Francisco here, here and here respectively, and we will be posting about the rest later on.) 

But now we are back in Prague and we are taking back our social media and blog, despite the pleas on our Instagram feed that Bara and Tomas, who took over our social media in the fourth week of our vacation, stay and keep posting instead of us forever (thank you for that, by the way, we appreciate it). But we will continue in the same vein as the previous couples who took over our blog and social media in November, and post a series of specific tips each day for the week ahead.  

You see, we have a problem. Being home is nice and all... but we are oh... so… cold! We spent Thanksgiving Day in Camarillo, California, and the temperature was 82F/28C. When we flew in to Prague a few days later, it was snowing and tram service was suspended throughout the entire city because the electric wires froze over. Perfect. The jet lag does not help, either. However, we have decided to turn a challenge into an opportunity. We will be bringing our tips about what we like to do when we are in Prague and we’re freezing. We think this may be coming handy for many unsuspecting foreign visitors during this time of the year. We think it’s going to be… cool. (See what we did there?)

Anyway, we want to do it right and just like the previous couples, we need to answer our standard questions so that you can get to know us better.

What do you like about Prague?
Everything, except the weather right now.

What don't you like about Prague?
The weather right now. We demand that the temperature be 25C all year long. Boring? We don’t think so. Oh, and it can snow in the mountains for all we care. But in Prague it should be 25C forever. 

How would your friends describe you?
They are always very careful about what they wear. When they have to choose between style and comfort, they tend to choose extreme discomfort. Can do even the most demanding hikes through the wilderness in a fitted dress (Zuzi) and a fitted shirt (Jan).  

And how would you describe yourself?
We like warm weather. Zuzi likes good food and hates bad service. Jan tries to calm Zuzi down whenever the latter occurs. 

What's your style when you travel?
Zuzi plans everything… and Jan just shows up.  

What's been playing on your iPod recently?
Zuzi hates hip hop, for instance, unless it’s Q-Tip, Kanye, Snoop Dogg and all the other good hip hop, in which case she likes hip hop. Jan likes whatever he can play some serious air drums or guitar to.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?
Zuzi likes to buy granola and then eat all the nuts out of it even before Jan gets to his first portion. Jan will kill if anyone stands between him and the sweet pistachio cream you buy in Italian food shops.

Can you describe your ideal Sunday?
Sleep in. Good breakfast. Good coffee. Do nothing. Good coffee. Great dinner. Good movie. Repeat next week.