Misa and Martin's Taste of Prague: Wrap-Up

What a month! The last week of awesome Prague locals blogging and posting on our social media is now officially over. We are now back from the US and we must thank all the locals couples who blogged on our behalf in the meantime. It was so much fun and we encourage you to go back through the wonderful and insightful blog posts and posts on our social media for great, local tips.

The final leg of the marathon was handed over to Misa and Martin of Scuk. If you followed our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, you know that they took us for a trip back in time to 1984 when Czech cuisine was… well, it was the way it was, for better or (mostly) worse.

We do talk to great lengths about Czech cuisine under Communism on our food tours but Misa and Martin just brought life to that story with the rich evidence: the pictures of the classic chlebiceks (open-faced sandwiches), a modern itineration of which do form a part of our tour (if you want to see the real thing in its unholy, mayonnaise-filled glory, head over to U zlateho krize deli in Jungmannova street), they brought us a highly informative menu from 1965, a time when all the restaurants and cafeterias were highly standardized, and gave us the recipe for a proper “rohlik”, the classic bread roll.

Their last two Facebook posts were real gems: a piece about “Turkish coffee”, a type of coffee that is the undisputed champion of all city councils and public servant offices around the Czech Republic, and a post about “Vrchni, prchni!”, one of the best movies ever made, which we love and actually show a part of on our tour, too! 

In any case, we must thank Misa and Martin for taking this caravan to its destination. Don’t forget: Scuk, their brain child, is a fantastic online source of foodie information about Prague and the Czech Republic (if you speak Czech or your browser translates the viewed pages).

And now we are officially back in Prague. Stay tuned for more: we are back with a vengeance!