November Tastes of Prague: Week 5 - Misa and Martin of Scuk

Martin on the left, Misa on the right. Or is it the other way around?

If you have been following our blog recently, you know by now that we have left to travel throughout the USA for the entire month of November and have let some awesome Prague local couples blog and post on our behalf. Now we are entering the fifth and the last week of our “November Tastes of Prague” project. It is hard to follow in the footsteps of Martina and Honza of Kurator, Eliska and Lukas of Couple of Prague, Marcela and Igor, and Bara and Tomas, but we are sure Misa and Martin will bring their A game to the table. 

If you are a foodie and live in Prague, you must know Misa and Martin. Perhaps not personally but through their brain child - the famous and well-respected Scuk foodie portal that lets its users share their restaurant experiences, and informs the foodie circles about new exciting openings. But Misa and Martin are known throughout the Czech inter webs in their own right: Misa on Twitter as a smart and funny PR wizard and copywriter, and Martin as one of the first and most influential Czech food bloggers under the name of Mr Cuketka

But we do know Misa and Martin personally and know for a fact that they are funny, smart and nice people who truly love food above all other things and who really have the finger on the pulse when it comes to anything food-related. We love how passionate they are about food and just about anything else: Martin can read and article and just start making cheese or age guanciale at home, and Misa will bake some bread to go with that. They are also pure fun to be around and whenever they organize a foodie weekend outside of Prague, we make sure we are there, because while the living quarters may be crappy (we are sensitive people who like finer things in life, ok?), at least the food will be delicious.

We have absolutely no idea what their week will be about: Misa and Martin have mentioned something about a “retro” week, and their picture seems to confirm that, so let’s see what they are up to. We are excited!

In any case, just like all the other couples, we have asked Misa and Martin a few questions so that you can get to know them better. Below are their answers. Stay tuned for their tips on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. And have a great week! 

What do you like about Prague?
What we like about Prague is that many venues still offer great bang for your buck. Compared to the rest of Europe or the US, we still pay peanuts for good beer and coffee. And there’s always something going on here: several new and interesting places that we could only dream of a few years ago are opening every single month. 

What you don't like about Prague?
The historical centre of Prague, which is sometimes incredibly busy and - at the same time - good places are hard to find there. Also, red tape and bureaucracy makes it hard for cafes and restaurants to open outdoor and street seating in the summer. Which is a shame. Prague could be so much sexier!

How would your friends describe you?
They don’t have a car so somebody has to give them a ride all the time. And when you need to find them, they’ll be sitting in some newly opened place in Prague: Misa having tea or beer, Martin getting some coffee.

And how would you describe yourself?
We like to eat and drink well. And if we manage to do both in good company and with enough light to allow for a beautiful Instagram picture, we are as happy as they come. So in short, model hardcore Milllenial foodies. 

What's your style when you travel?
We always make a paper map and put all the eateries, shops and bars we want to visit as little dots in the map. We always carry this map with us and at the end of the trip marvel at how we managed to wear it out, but are also sad how many dots were left unvisited. 

What's been playing on your iPod recently?
Misa likes to listed to the spoken version of the Respekt weekly when she jogs, and Martin tries to solve the criminal mystery of the Serial podcast.

Your favorite guilty pleasure?
: Lying on the couch with an iPad and a cookie that I stole from Martin. 
Martin: Watching TV shows in an entirely inadequate number, and whatever cookies are left after Misa’s cookie attack. 

Can you describe your ideal Sunday?
We sit at home and don’t move a finger. Maybe a trip to the gardening shop nearby or some jogging together. But that’s it.