Bara and Tomas’ Taste of Prague - Wrap Up

Wow. The penultimate week of awesome Prague locals blogging and posting on our social media is now officially over. And what a week it was: Bara and Tomas did an amazing job with great local tips and fantastic photography. Just have a look at the posts below. Yeah. Bara wrote about her favorite jogging trail, Bistro & obchod no. 19, Le Caveau bakery, "the most magical street in Prague"Malesicky park, antique shopping and Muj salek kavy cafe. Great stuff.  

Bara, whom you should definitely follow on Instagram if you haven’t yet, will be soon starting her own blog (and once she does, we will link to it here), so this week was a trial run for her. Given the voices on Instagram pledging her to stay on our profile (a bit hurtful but fair, thank you very much), we think she will do very well. We also plan to do more fun things with her in the future. She still doesn’t know. 

Now is the time to thank Bara and Tomas for the great work they did when they took over our social media. Their tips were spot on - we write this from New York City and simply had to visit Balthazar Bakery and ABC Kitchen on their recommendation, and they were both great. Also, we will have to try Bara’s jogging route, now that we are taking excess weight back from the States. (And we’re not talking about luggage.)

As usual, we have turned Bara and Tomas’ tips into a handy map that gives you a nice visual overview of the Prague they love. 

Who will take over our social media the next week? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Have a great week, everyone!