Kurator: Day 1

Hello dear friends of the famous Taste of Prague and ahoj Jan and Zuzi!

We are really happy to be the very first ones to share our secret tips on Prague with you. Yes, we have made some wonderful selection dedicated to fashion and design shopping mostly. Each day starting from now, we will bring you a short list of places, shops and showrooms where you can find a local Czech products or a very nice design selections. So are you ready to discover the fashion and design side of Prague with us?

Day 1: Prague's shopping guide for women

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The designer duo Chatty is already a big name in the Czech Republic, celebrating a 10 year anniversary last week and debuting on the prestigious Berlin Fashion Week earlier this spring. Girls - Radka Sirkova and Anna Tuskova have built up their brand name on the concept of the perfect bespoke jeans. Nowadays you can reach their small yet beautifull showroom / shop to find a full RTW collections dedicated mostly to women and offering a range of sublime dresses through shirts up to coats and accessories. To add a bit more of happiness, they offer also subtle jewelry by Jana Rollo and cool magazines.

The Chatty boutique is located at Hastalská 757/21, Prague 1 and you can always meet the designers there in person.

Meet Chatty: from left - Anna, Radka and Pistek the gentledog. 

Meet Chatty: from left - Anna, Radka and Pistek the gentledog. 


Leeda is a brand that everyone has to love. A young yet very experienced designer and co-founder Lucie Kutalkova stands behind the colletions. Her work is defined by simple, pure, minimalistic lines, sense of humor and wit that makes many of the models a multifunctional pieces emphasizing the femininity. 

Leeda is located at Bartolomejska 1, Prague 1, and most likely you will meet the lovely assistant Klára there. And you know what? It is just a stone throw, or literally few steps from our Kurator, so you can plan a really nice design-shopping walk in this area.

Leeda offers a cool selection of accessories such as wooden sunglasses, shoes by Novesta and jewelry by a Czech  award-winning brand Blueberries.

Leeda offers a cool selection of accessories such as wooden sunglasses, shoes by Novesta and jewelry by a Czech  award-winning brand Blueberries.


Cockerel has a strong conceptual basis that - thanks to its founder and designer Lenka Kohoutová - smartly connects the world of fine arts and design with the world of femininity and fashion. Her clothes speak the language of a clean, clear and precise cuts, strictly selected limited colour scale that refers to the Cockerels feathers ( rooster - cock - husband of a hen ) and is very very chic. Lenka‘s work is currently to be seen on the special exhibition in the DOX gallery Prague, and once this „When a coat speaks to a chair“ exhibition ends, you will still find and shop Cockerel in the DOX.

Dox is located on Poupetova 1, Prague 7 and you will find Cockerel at the Dox by Qubus design shop there.

Showroom 26

The Showroom 26 is a small treasure hidden behind the walls of a block of flats in one of the bustling streets near the Lesser Town Square. Combining a workshop with a small space where you can see and buy the final products and colletions, this place is shared by several young designers. The main names here are Lenka Stepankova and her brand „Jsem“, slightly avantgarde Katarze and Milimu - brand that is specializing in a luxurious leather accessories and handbags. If you want a comfy, timeless and very precise pieces, as well as some funny and a bit strange ones, don’t wait a minute and set  up your meeting here. The designers will be happy to open for you upon the phone arrangement.

This secret place is located directly on Karmelitska 26, Prague 1. The magical phone number is +420 723 463 678 but you can also try your luck and ring the door bell when walking around.

Dear friends, do you see all those beauties? It was pretty tough to select just these for you. But you know what? There is a bit more that we have prepared for you girls. So please, check the Taste of Prague's instagram, twitter, facebook ( generally all the "modern world" social media ) and also stay tuned for our next blog posts.

[Posted by Martina, Terezka and Honza of Kurator, one of the best shopping addresses in Prague]