Kurator: Day 5

Friday is nearly a weekend, right? Therefore we have decided to show you a quirky mix of places, that are not really connected with fashion, but to us, they remind of a nice weekend or holiday city walk.

Day 4: Friday is like a small weekend

Page Five

Weekend or lazy friday afternoon calls for a nice book to read, or just for a really nice pictures to look at. For all the lovers of art, photography, design and other interesting visual fields, we strongly recommend to stop by at the lovely Page Five book and mag shop in the area of Letna. They offer a nice selection of magazines and various art, design, typography and art-theory books and magazines as well as a wide selection of art prints from young progressive artists.

Page Five is located at Veverkova 5, Prague 7


When we are talking about books, paper is the closest topic to continue with. We are sure that you will hear about the Papelote stationery shop from several sources, and that is because of this place is a gem to love. Yes, we do love Papelote, we do love to use their products in our everyday life and when we have the time to visit this shop, it ends up like they have to "kick-us out " otherwise we'd be able to live here. (We are just kidding with the kicking out, they ale super lovely here, always!)

Papelote is a place where you can often meet the sister of our wonderful Terezka. They are not twins, but definitely look like them. Terezka's sister loves the Papelote notebooks with color-stitched back.

Papelote is in Vojtesska 241 / 9, Prague 1, and just in the house next to it is a special "Czech Design" gallery space that often showcase interesting young Czech design.


Ok we have to confess that Martina is addicted to something. She can't live without flowers all around her and if she was not having the Kurator for sure she'll have a florist studio. Along with stationery and toy shops it is the flower shops she can really spend hours in. Metamorphosis is a beautiful shop located in one of our favorite Prague's small squares and not just the exterior but also the interior of this place has a strong inspiring atmosphere. And, what is the most important thing, they are real masters in creating a breathtaking flower compositions.

Metamorphosis is located on the Hastalska 3, Prague 1, basically on the lower part of Kozi Placek

Antik v Dlouhe

We love contemporary furniture design and art, but we also think that all of us should not forget the beautiful designs from the past as well. One of our favorite places to see and buy this old gems is the Antik v Dlouhe. We have our beloved functionalism chandelier right from this antique shop and we regularly stop here when having a mood for discovery.

Antik v Dlouhe is located in Dlouha 729 / 37, Prague 1, just next to the famous and delicious Nase Maso and Sister's.

[Posted by Martina, Terezka and Honza of Kurator, one of the best shopping addresses in Prague]